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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by BurnAFewDown, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. We all know we need it, I hate all these kids posting about drug tests. It's annoying and happens every day. Put it in the tokers q&a or right next to it so ppl click that instead. I know his suggestion has been made, but I'm hoping a repeat of it will show the want for it
  2. And he's another perfect exmaple of the app double posting again like august west mentioned
  3. Yay, I like that its pinned, it has already drastically cut down the amount of drug thread spam. And now I'm happy to go in there and help out now that its out of the way of other threads
  4. Some more improvements that will resolve this hidden critical content issue will be live soon :)
  5. a good point, and have to agree, I too grow wary of repeating my advisories 
  6. Finally someone who wants to tackle these annoying threads. Theres so many of them it's not even funny. Good idea for a sub forum for these posts...
  7. The sticky they made has reduced the amount of em a good amount. It'd be impossible to stop em all of course, but this sticky does help

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