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Drug Test Speedway Gas Station

Discussion in 'General' started by that guy 1, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. So I have an interview with speedway tomorrow and im not sure if they drug test or not. some people have told me yes and no. can anyone help me figure this out because i tried looking for info on it and cant find any. I live in illinois if that helps too.
    if no one can reply by tomorrow ill update this to let you guys/gals know if they do.
  2. He says he's from Chicago but his plates says illinois.

    I don't think they do.
  3. Since when do gas stations drug test?
  4. yeah i know fast food restuarants usually dont and most places like target do. but idk if gas stations do or not...not really sure where they fit in.
  5. Nobody can tell you what a certain company will do, they can if they want.
  6. they would have had you sign a contract acknowledging they can drug test you
  7. okay well i read the contract thingy and i did not agree to a drugtest so i should be fine i think. well thanks everyone! i really appreciate all of your input. ill let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!

  8. I worked at a gas station during college, 2003-2006, and the did pre-employment drug testing (as well as if there were any work-related injuries)...
  9. My gf just got a job there and there was no drop.

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