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Drug Test Soon - Will Working Out Make me Fail?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wisscheesin09, May 4, 2011.

  1. So I have a drug test coming up, either tomorrow Friday or Saturday. I took a take home test yesterday using my first urine of the day and passed with a averagely dark line, not as dark as the control but easily visible. I haven't smoked for 33 days, and before that one time it was 28 days. I really want to work out and play some basketball today, but I've heard that working out 48 hours before the test is bad as you sweat the THC from your fat into your blood stream. And when I workout and play basketball I REALLY get it sweating.

    Do you think it's a bad idea to go to the gym this close to the test, and possibly make me fail?

    Thanks for the help/advice.
  2. I'm sure as long as you don't piss blood you should be good...
  3. No wtf? If it's in your body it's in your body. You can sweat it all out or mask it. Just drink water and take niacin.
  4. I meant that you sweat the THC from your fat cells, and eventually into your urine.

  5. and I meant if it's in your body IT'S IN YOUR BODY.

    Meaning if ITS IN YOUR BODY you will TEST POSITIVE for THC unless you MASK it.
  6. dude there is prob no thc left in ur system if you havent smoked in 33 days
  7. Usually sweating helps get thc out of your system, right?

    At least thats what I thought..
  8. Working out helps you pass a ua. I was on random ua's and still smoked every now and then and never failed. I workout alot everyday and sweat alot. Just drink alot of water so you sweat more because your sweating the THC out of your body. Make sure to shower right after as well to wsah off all the thc filled sweat. After taking 28 days to clean out for the first ua, It took on average 3-5 days to clean out before a ua if I decided to smoke a bowl so I could sorta prepare. The "random" ua's seemed to have a pattern too that was easy to figure out. 1 in the first and last week of one month then 1 the second and third week of the next and then repeated so it was pretty easy for me to smoke on ua's. Just my personal experience though.
  9. Unless you aren't on the large side (as far as body fat goes) there's not way you wouldn't pass after over a month

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