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Drug Test - Smoked 19-20 Days Ago, 20 Yrs Old, Slightly More Than Medium Metabolism

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by campstriker, May 31, 2013.

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    Hey guys, Sorry if you get all these annoying posts about drug tests but this is a big impact one for me. As I said, I'm a relatively young guy with medium to slightly more than medium metabolism. I am average body built, not crazy skinny, and certainly not fat, super average. Last time I smoked was May 18th. Prior to this, I would typically smoke 2-4 times a month. I was reading that one famous chart that floats around everywhere and it says if you smoke 2-4 times a month, expect 11-18 days. I'll be testing sometime next week like June 6th or 7th. This means I will have been smoke free for 19 or 20 days. I have the numbers, and I have read all the guides, but I want you guys to give me personal stories, what are my chances of testing negative from your experiences? How much effort should I put into getting rid of these metaboites? Thanks.

  2. I smoked 10 days before my test, and before that, twice a week, every week. I chugged a lot of water the day of my test, loaded up on B vitamins and I was good to go. Make sure to catch mid-late stream to ensure you're not pissing out dirty piss. And I'm sure you know the whole piss 4-5 times before you test. I drank around a gallon or so of water starting about 9 hours before my test.
    It also helps knowing what kind of test you'll take.
    Best of luck to you, you should be safe. 
  3. How many B vitamins can I take the day of? How much creatine?
  4. You problem may be not really pissing dirty with a true water flush but it will test diluted so depending on where or what the test is for a mandatory retest will be rescheduled following the diluted test so that may buy you some time. I have had to test yesrs ago and the B vitamin is just to turn your watered down sample yellow. I would pass or get diluted results by no food for 24 hours prior to test and drink water till you feel like your going to either piss your pants or puke. Also piss at least 5 times prior to test after waking up. The head shop or GNC will have a type of mega clense product as well but if I remember those are about $30 per flush...but they have also worked for me. good luck
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    lol @ "slightly more than medium".
    You should be fine, especially if you were smoking only 2-4 times a month!
    I'm about 5'10", with a pretty good metabolism, and at around the same age... I was smoking EVERY DAY for months and months on end, and I've passed a test in 8 days (although I could have been cleaner sooner, that was just when the test was).
    I DID drink a lot of water, though. As well as getting a good amount of exercise and niacin (plus other proteins) in my diet.
    You could go with a cleansing product to be safe, but sometimes the testers can tell if you use that shit (especially if your pee is too watery, too yellow, or if they lab test it).
    I would say you're probably good If the test won't be until the 6th, just try to sweat a good amount, drink a lot of water, and get good sleep until then
    You'll most likely be fine. Good luck :)
  6. If it's a piss test that's easy to beat. If it's a hair test, you will fail. Good luck

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