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Drug Test: Short Notice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beleaguer, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Alright...
    I just got a job today and they require a drug test prior to employment, but the catch is that it is tomorrow. I havent smoked for about a week and when i did i only took 1-2 hits and that was one last week. The last time i really got high was about 3-4 weeks ago.
    I have been drinking a lot of water and just ran 3 miles to see if i can sweat it out. Is there are any recommendation to pass this drug test that is tomorrow? I was thinking of bringing my uncles pee in a balloon or something...please help
    I am 150 pounds and 5 f 7in. What are the chances of me failing or passing? 

  2. Id get the pee. Can never be too safe
  3. Depends on what kind of test it is, I've passed mouth swabs ( my job does on random) and I smoked the day before. I've also took an instant piss test and passed. Just try drinking a shit ton of water, it will probably delude the test and you'll have to take another one another day. If it's a mouth swab make sure u brush ur checks roof of mouth( even tho it's really the spit they test). Those test are shit I was also drunk while I took one and it didn't say I had any alcohol in my system. You don't smoke often enough for it to really stick with you. If you work out and drink a lot of water your system is always being flushed. Personally I think you'll be ok, But i can't say for certain. I'm also same height and weigh.? You can also go to your local head shop and buy fake piss, just follow the directions. I hope this helps and I hope you pass.

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  4. dude my local smoke shop that sells pipes and bongs they sell synthetic urine, sorry bro I think if you were to piss I'm thinking you have a 50/50... If heard of people drinking crap loads of water and taking creating because they determine how diluted urine is by the creatinine, creatine is a pre cursor of creatininie or how ever its spelled, but best of luck dude. Also if you know your gonna fail don't take it, also my local dollar store sells drugs tests just to test for marijuana only and their $1, but doesn't test for opiates, amphetamines, and coca.
  5. Quickfix  synthetic urine from a headshop
  6. Well if its a supervised test,your best chances are drinking water,using detox drinks,and working out.
    If its an unsupervised test,go with a non-smokers friend's urine or synthetic urine,slam dunk, you pass with flying colors.
    Remember,that the only 100% solution is clean urine. So always hope for unsupervised,and have clean urine ready.Also next time,you should chech the offical passing drug tests thread.You usualy get quicker,and more experienced help that way.

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