Drug test scare

Discussion in 'General' started by trippytoaster69, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Hi! I recently took my drug test at meps. I had smoked 3 times over a couple weeks and had been sober a year prior to that. I was clean 12 days and had exercised leading up to the test. The night before I drank a ton of water and peed several times before the test. I also took a drug test at the doctors office two days prior and passed. I thought I was good to go until my recruiter called and said he hadn’t got my results yet and he should’ve by then. A while later he called again and said no one had received results yet. I’m still waiting to hear and am very nervous. What do you guys think?
  2. If you passed a test at your doctors two days prior, you SHOULD be good.
    Them taking long to process your results has nothing to do with you (speaking from experience).

    Can’t comment on what the 12days of sobriety means for your results tho. Good luck

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  3. Yeah, The delay is probably not because they sent it off for confirmation. You didn't dilute before you were tested at the doc's office, eh? That can cause a false negative.
  4. No I didn’t dilute and made sure it was my first void of the day.
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  5. Awesome. Thanks for the quick response and easing my anxiety

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