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drug test questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psychoraver, May 30, 2009.

  1. yeah so i have this job interview in 2 days from now and im not sure if i will need to take a drug test prior to working there or not, but anyway 2 days ago my friend made a firecracker in the microwave and said that he used less than 1/4 gram in it and 2 days ago he had it and i just wanted to taste it so i bit off a little corner of it. of course it didnt do anything, i just wanted to see if it tasted different. the only time ive smoked before was like over a year ago, and i didnt even get high because they had the shittiest weed in the world and barely any of it. apart from that ive never done im like 6'2 145lbs, so im really skinny and i have fast metabolism. im really not worried about failing a drug test but i just wanted to get some opinions.
  2. Yeah you're definitely going to fail your test. I suggest buying lots of expensive detox drinks and some synthetic urine.
  3. no man, if you ate a corner of a firecracker, which probably didn't even work at all in the first of place, you'll be fine.
    a 1/4 gram is tiny even for the whole thing. your fine 100%
  4. so does anyone have any guesses for how long it will take to be out of my system? oh btw do ive never had a job interview do most/any places test on the day of the interview?
  5. youre fine, most tests you need to get high in order to fail, you ate a tiny bit of a firecrakcer, that probably was .05g dont worry about it, unless you smoked youre fine
  6. alright thanks, does anyone know if you can buy at home drug tests similar to the one i might have to take? yeah, if i sound paranoid its cuz i have the type of parents that would take everything out of my room except my bed, never allow me to see the light of day again, and disown me if i got caught.
  7. just drink some bleach and youll pass for sure..

    but seriously you probably had like .05 or something of weed, and not all of it was THC, so its probably still gonna be in your system but so little of an amount that no test would pick it up.

  8. oh shit really, oh yeah bleach works hella good on cleaning floors, i bet its good for cleaning my system too! *runs to the kitchen for bleach
  9. yea hopefully you arent THAT stupid haha. but yea youl be fine dont worry about it.

    last drug test for a job i had to take was a piss test, i smoked 5 bowls three days before and it came up negative for THC. unless its a court or police test it will be a joke.

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