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Drug Test questions.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by covid19sucks, May 5, 2020.

  1. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I had few questions/concerns.

    I used to have thc chocolates almost daily last year, but I stopped having it end of the year.

    This year, I might have had it 5-6 times all together. But I had medium dosage last week April 25-26. Now I have drug(urine) test coming up end of this week.

    What are my chances?

  2. Why would you continue eating edibles if you knew you had a drug test coming up lol
  3. 40% chance to pass only because your use wasn't daily edibles stay in your system longer than smoking
  4. Are you over weight? THC stores in your fat and if you’re over weight it’ll stay in your body longer. I tested dirty after not doing anything for 2 months but I also was a heavy smoker. If you’re really concerned, go buy one the the drinks that you drink before your the test and you should be fine or use someone else’s urine, if you’re not being watched pissing. I’ve done that before with great success. Just have to keep it body temp.
  5. I didn't know I had it coming up. I found out about it on 1st.
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  6. I am overweight. Do you know how accurate are the home drug tests?
  7. Oh shit my bad then dude :laughing:, I'd say you'll be good if you're not a regular user.. your best bet would be to take a test to home to be sure :confused_2:
  8. Definitely not a regular user anymore. Like I said, I was a regular user until last November.
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    They will tell you if you have over a certain amount of nano-grams of thc in your system. However, depending on drug test your given, you could test negative on home test and positive on work test. If your at a normal job, the test should less stringent, allowing more thc in your system but if for government, they give way more sensitive tests and allow less in your system. Or if you get a hair test, your fucked, unless you shave all your hair. Buy one of the detox drinks and follow the directions and you should be fine. The test I failed, after not doing anything for 2 months, was a government test and they don’t allow as many nano-grams in your system as a normal work drug test.
  10. Abstinence is all that works. We were getting people failing at 90 days so the new recommendation is 120 days.
    Once or thrice use in the last month won't show.
    Don't waste your money on drinks.

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  11. Using some else’s piss or buy dried piss works great if they’re not meat gazing while you’re pissing. A drink will work if you you hardly done anything. It’ll mater what type of test you get.
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    My best friend worked on an oil tanker and they had randoms. He always used clean piss, but they didn’t meat gaze! You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, if you’re getting UA’s and still want to get fucked up. Or if they meat gaze, you can buy a fake dick, that’s made for that situation. The fake dick will piss out your clean piss. A few years ago, a guy on the Vikings, got caught at the airport with one of those. Lol The Original Whizzinator Touch - A Realistic Looking Synthetic Urine System
  13. I just did the test and got following result.


    Hopefully this is enough
  14. Its not a government, its financial company. I just did at home test, and seemed to pass
  15. I am trying to avoid trying to sneak in someone elses urine as much as possible. I will go and get few different company tests, and try all of them. I passed one from riteaid.
  16. Just remember, some job tests allow less in your system then a home test can detect. Be safe, buy a drink. It’ll work for you cause your not using heavily. Better safe then sorry.
  17. Tell them you've smoked weed at night long before you even got hired, and have continued doing so while employed. They wanna lose a good employee for no reason fuck em.

    Everywheres hiring these days (minus government lockdown)
  18. Just buy synthetic urine - works like a charm.

    spiral out, keep going
  19. I just took another test, different brand, this came back negative as well. Keeping my fingers crossed

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