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  1. i searched the forums but couldnt find anything that fit my specific situation...
    I have a job interview at Kohl's on Friday. On the application i said i was willing to submit to a drug test and background check. They just called me today right after i took one ecstasy pill. I last smoked yesterday but haven't been doing it that much maybe 3 times a week for a month. So there is MDMA plus whatever other shit coulda been in the E pill and THC in my system. Also the interview is at 4:30 pm Friday. Anyway my questions are:
    If i dilute my urine before the test will all drugs be diluted or just THC?
    Will a job make me take the test right after the interview?
    Does anyone know if Kohl's does a saliva or urine test?
    Also I read a lot about detox drinks and tried looking it up online but a whole shitload of sites came up claiming shit does anyone know of a legit one that i could buy in store and one that i drink the day before or the day of (none of that week long detox)
    Also I have never taken a drug test in my life and I need this job realllly bad I regret taken the E pill I really had given up on lookin for a job (its been since January =(..)

    Soo... any help is appreciated especially the first 3 questions. Thank you! =)

    Also I'm a girl..about 5'5'' and 130 lb kinda a lot of body fat =(
  2. also i have a question about if working out a lot will help at all and what type of excersise is best??
  3. go to the headshop and buy 'stinger detox'

    they make pills, but ive never used them. my experience has been with the small 8oz bottle. blue or red liquid. theyre 20 dollars apiece.

    they say one is enough if youve been clean for two days, but you might want to drink 2, just to be safe.

    the instructions say drink it one hour before you want to be clean, but it will keep you clean for up to 5 or so....

    i have no idea about the x, but ive smoked weed on a friday and passed a UA the following monday after drinking 2 stingers.
  4. I really wanna figure out if anyone know if they will test that day cuz i don't wanna buy a drink and drink it and not even get tested...or what if its a saliva test... grrr i hate everyting
  5. im dealing with that same problem, but my prospective employer isnt as well known as kohls... so i havent been able to find any info.

    search around on google to see what people are saying about that company.

    if you havent even gone in for one interview, odds are you wont be tested that day. unless they decide to hire you on the spot and send you to the clinic right away, but thats not likely. they'll proabably just send you on your way and call you in a few days, which is good bc you can get cleaner and be confident you'll only need one stinger.

    i would suggest you go ahead and buy the stinger, but dont drink it before the interview, just bring it along with you. if they send you right away, drink it in your car and take your time getting there.
  6. everything that I have found has said urine test. I don't have any experience as to detoxing but good luck! There is a good thread about passing drug tests.
  7. yeah thats what im hoping is i get like another week before the test i read online a lot of information about kohls one person said they didnt drug test part time employees which is what i would be and i read one that they did a mouth swab...I was thinking about taking the drink with me but i read somewhere that it gave someone the shits lol...but anyway even if i dont get the job i guess the interview we'll be good experience its been a couple years lol...good luck with your job resistance
  8. i had the same problem when i had an interview last week but they didn't end up testing me

    from what ive read saliva test everything from pills is gone after 24hrs, mdma and any speed or meth that was in the pill

    urine test after 72 hours mdma has left the system and about the same for the other drugs that could have been in the pill

    1 pill is a small amount so it could all be gone before 72 hours

    touch wood
  9. thc will be in your system for ~2 weeks bare minimum seeing you smoke 3 tiems a week for the past month or so

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