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Drug Test question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kygirl87, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. i haven’t smoked in over 70 days and I have to take a drug test next and I thought I was clean and I took an at home test and I’m pretty sure I failed. My boyfriend said he sees a second line but I don’t think this is a pass, thoughts?

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  2. I have to take my test next week*
  3. That's over 2 months, if you're even remotely active and have a decent metabolism you should be fine. I clear it out of my system in about 40 days with exercise.
  4. I’m overweight, I’m 5’0 & 150 pounds. I’m just worried because that second line is so faint.
  5. THC can stay inactive in your fat cells for a long time, but I'd still say that you're in the clear. Just get extra hydrated few days before and day of the test. I'm 99% sure you'll be fine. 2 months is a long time.
  6. I'd try another to be sure but it's not unheard of to still piss dirty after 90 days. The fact that there is even a faint line shows that you only have trace amounts left at this point. Drink a lot of Gatorade day of the test to dilute without making it obvious you're diluting like happens when you use water.
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  7. I've never been called out on a drug test, and I've done some funny stuff to help me squeak by, over hydrating is like the easiest thing to do leading up to the test, and there's nothing really that can be done about it.
  8. Thanks, I’ve never had to drug test before. I stopped smoking around the end of May then I had two bowls like around the last 2 weeks of June and I haven’t smoked anymore since.
  9. One day this won't be an issue anymore. I truly believe that change is coming...
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  10. I live in Kentucky unfortunately & our governor is an idiot. He said he wouldn’t make weed legal because of all the overdoses and suicides ‍♀️ I’m not even joking, he actually said that
  11. Like with gay marriage they can't do shit if the federal government makes it legal...
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