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Drug test question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Atm96, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. The last time I smoked was about 3 days ago and I have a drug test tomorrow. I bought the detoxify herbal cleanse 16oz bottle that masks the thc in your system. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this product and if it actually works. I read that your suppose to get the capsules with it but I just purchased the detox drink. Am I doomed to fail or will the Drink itself work it's charm?
  2. What kind of drug test? There are several
  3. if its urinal you could possibly try to pis 5 times before the next day by drinking water or arizona ice tea. get some vitamin B tablets and use them because when you drink allot of liquids your urine becomes water colored. so use that to make it look normal so they won't get suspicious
  4. Or, if at all possible and my all time favorite: buy that fake pee shit. I've never had a Prob with it

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  5. And my experience with detox kits was that they didn't work the one time I tried one. So I have since been a fake pee kinda guy. And no, they don't test if ur a chick or whatever other dumb stuff people want to say.....unless ur getting some test I am unfamiliar with.

    Disclaimer: I smoke a lotta weed. So if u don't puff much, detox kit might work.

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  6. that works to but even better if you have a friend that doesn't smoke than just ask him for some and keep it warm idk how but i guess figure out a way
  7. True statement happy hemper. Done that, too. I just always felt gross storing real pee in my fridge. Felt better with the fake stuff in a box sitting in my car at work. ;)

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  8. well what ever floats your boat :) it is kinda nasty but it could save you at times
  9. I have a drug test for probation at 11:30 am tomorrow. It's currently 11pm where I am. It's a urinal drug test and I was gonna drink the detoxify drink I have to cover it but I read your supposed to take the capsules with it too.
  10. dude I'm going to be honest those things aren't real or adleast they don't work for me but please adleast try to drain your system
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  11. WHATEVER YOU DO, if you give them the first piss of the morning, you are f*****. Pee once, preferably three times the morning before and drink mineral water not distilled not tap. Green tea is even better. Eat no fats AT ALL no milk no cheese no butter no peanut butter no oils no nuts no fatty seeds no creamer in coffee. Caffeine is fine. Homeboy was right about taking b vitamin they will make you pee a rainbow. Drink the cleanse thing, f*** it. Couldn't hurt. Take niacin or drink cranberry juice NOT TOO MUCH NIACIN. Cranberry juice is a good choice not too much though, green tea (unsweetened or low sugar is better) and water (mineral) are best or sugar free Gatorade. DRINK A LOT. You're welcome, the stuff I said is your best bet:)

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