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Drug test question..(quick fix 6.2)(Passed)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jakelgg5, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    tldr: if a urine sample isn’t turned down right on spot, does that mean it’s up to a lab to decide if it’s good? Or do they send it anyway?

    I had a question about a drug test that I just took today..

    I knew I wasn’t going to pass without some help, so I bought some quick fix 6.2. I did a lot of research and it seemed to be a decent product that worked for a lot of people. I didn’t have much of a choice other than to give it a try..

    I went into take the test with the quick fix sitting at about 96 degrees(at least the last time I checked) minutes before using it. I filled the cup, I even pissed in the toilet to make it seem more legit. After the test, I watched her split it, she seemed okay with the temperature and started preparing it to be sent out.

    After some small talk, she had me sign the sticker that basically seals the sample. After I signed both stickers she says “I could tell you cheated, but it’s okay.” I thought she was finishing a story from earlier she was telling me, but now it seems more apparent she was talking about me.

    Now, I’m not worried about why I failed. I’m just wondering if the sample met the requirements enough and is now up to the lab to decide if it’s good?

    In other words, if she sends the sample off to the lab, do I have anything to worry about other than the lab possibly failing it?

    I also have a receipt saying that the temperature was good and it is to be handed over to fedex.

    I may have just answered my question, but it feels much better that I typed this out.
  2. Hey I recently tested on Monday with 6.2 QF out of california, no news yet. Have you heard anything? To answer your question, I am not completely sure with the collectors protocol but I do know that they can definitely reject your sample on the spot and won't send it out if they feel that you have tampered with it. So as long as they signed off your sample should be sent out for testing.
  3. I haven’t heard anything yet, and took the test on Tuesday in Wisconsin. Have you heard back at all?
  4. Yes! passed, with QF 6.2 non dot 10 panel!
  5. Okay, that makes me feel better! Thanks!

    I wasn’t worried until I started reading some of the failed tests on here. But that puts me at ease
  6. I know that feeling man haha. You should be good, wish ya luck!
  7. Thanks!

    It’s so crazy, the woman that administered the test actually said “ I know you cheated, but it’s okay” and sent it on.. that blows my mind that she was cool with it haha

    I guess it was meant to be.

    Anyway, good luck with your job or whatever you were taking the test for! I will update either way hah
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  8. Good news! I passed!
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  9. Dude Congrats man! that is awesome, good luck with the new J.O.B
  10. I recently used quick fix 6.2 Monday for a pre employment drug test today is Friday and I’m freaking out
  11. No news is typically good news. I just did mine today, nervous as hell. This will be my 3rd time subbing with quick fix but its been a few years since I last did it. I already put in my notice for my current job so if it doesnt pass then that will be suuuppper embarassing. Shitty part is that if they had waited like a week to do it I would be able to use my own specimen as I hit a very heavy concentrated vape for a few days 10 days ago (they originally told me i wouldnt do my drug screen until after my background check cleared in 2 weeks) but then when I submitted my info for bg check they sent me an email and said I had 48 hours to do my drug screen.
  12. Got word today that I passed! The information was posted on my background check which I have access to check status of. Still works at Quest!

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