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Drug Test Question - Interpreting the results

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheMFingTruth, Mar 30, 2012.

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    I started my program Monday. Stupidly, I kept smoking until waaayyy too close to the date of the first test (two days before) telling myself they expect you to fail the first one anyway. Obviously I failed the first one, I told them before I probably would. He also told me it was dilute, which pissed him off because he said I'm "playing games" which I'm not, I was just trying to drink enough that I could actually make myself piss while another man was watching. I got called in again this morning, failed again.

    This is where my questions come in, he said last time it was at "77 while dilute" and this time it was at "89, not dilute." He seemed pissed again told me if I fail another he'll send me back to court, but he just told me these numbers without explaining what they mean. Is the higher the # the # the % of thc, or was he telling me the % clean my piss was?? Because I honestly have not smoked any marijuana at all since the first test on Monday. If he's telling me it's higher this time I can only think of 3 possible things. 1 is that it was just lower because it was diluted last time. 2 is that I've been detoxing with Sonnes #7 since Monday and maybe in the process of cleaning me out its putting more THC into my urine? I have no idea if that is even how it works though. The 3rd explanation is that I have been smoking some Mr. Nice Guy, Mango Herbal Smoke Blend Incense and maybe I'm just ignorant and there is something in that that would cause me to fail?

    Please somebody give me some insight here onto what these numbers mean and what I'm doing wrong here if my sample was indeed dirtier this time.
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    It hard to say exactly but I'm guessing he is talking about ppm (parts per million) or ng/mL.

    Your urine isn't getting a higher reading, its just when you dilute it (they check for dilution using colour, specific gravity or creatinine levels usually) there is obviously going to be a lower concentration of THC than if it is not. It just means you still have too much THC in your system to be considered a "pass".

    I don't know what levels are interpreted as a pass in your case, but most strip tests are accurate to between 20ng/mL and 50ng/mL. Lab tests will be able to give a exact calculation using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

    I don't know anything about your lifestyle or body type, but I am a pretty lean guy and I exercise regularly. It has never taken me longer than 16 days to get clean urine (without any detox kits).
  3. Thanks for the reply, that makes a lot of sense. I just want to get clean as quick as possible so I can get this over with. He told me after the first one if my levels don't go down we'll have a problem, and I haven't smoked since before then so when he was threatening to send me back to the judge today I wasn't sure what to think. Maybe he was just being an asshole because when I gave him the sample he said "this will come back dilute, it's too clear" but then when he came back with the results he said it wasn't dilute, just positive.
  4. Yeah if you aren't smoking your urine concentration should be declining. You probably have nothing to worry about for next time.
  5. Next time you will be fine. But imo the spice is a bad idea. Not legally, but physically man. Take a good ol tbreak its better than siezures (I had one while hitting a spice bowl)

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