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Drug Test Question for veteran smokers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weldongrisham, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hello, I'll try to keep it short.

    This past Tuesday I dropped specimen for Probation & I passed. I didn't smoke for 2.5 weeks, ran a few miles a day for a week straight & also, diluted b/f test & took extra precaution w/ certo in gatorade also.

    So feeling like a champ, I didn't exercise Wed & had a final piss test for an SOP class I was ordered to take on Thursday & failed having THC in my system. I diluted before w/ two 32oz gatorades, didn't take certo -was out- & the 5 panel test showed a faint line ( which according to home tests that still means negative. If there was no line at all, that's positive)

    My question is, does anyone have a similar story or know why I failed the 2nd test 2 days after passing one? My guess is the dilution worked for me the 1st time, not enough the 2nd time but I'm just confused after all the working out that I still have THC in my system. I'm not fat either, medium build.

    Luckily, I complained about it enough & demanded a retest so they told me to come back Monday morning to retest.

    I'm not a heavy smoker, maybe an 8th a month & always at least 2 weeks clean before a test.

    I am going to work out like mad this weekend just to be safe.

    If I fail this then I'm going to jail, so any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

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