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Drug test question for everyone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joebob13, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know this get posted 100 times a day by someone on here, but I need some second opinions.

    I'm 135 lb male, 5'11", very lean, high metabolism. I last smoked three weeks ago. During the last week of smoking, I smoked no more than a gram of good bud, and had been smoking for the few weeks before hand every few days, but in total no more than 2 grams.

    So lets say 3 grams in three weeks of smoking, then three weeks of no smoking.

  2. Yeah three weeks is plenty with lots of water. It only takes a week normally.
  3. dude. youre clean. your levels are so low, esp with your metabolism.. im of the same build.. and im DT'd often.. youre clean. no worries.
  4. thanks guys. i sure hope so, this is for a job I've been fighting for for a long time now
  5. any second opinions on this?
  6. your fine definetly
  7. call me lucky, call me a bullshitter, or call me an alcoholic. i smoked up at my friends house one friday night while his parents were away for the weekend. sat night comes around he has a couple more people over and we all start drinking. same shit happens sunday night. i come home monday afternoon and my mom graces me with the info of my first meeting with my PO (i just got put on recently) on the following friday. now monday to friday isnt exactly a week. immediately i poured found the biggest glass i could and filled it to the brim with iced tea and chugged it. filled it again and chilled with it for a little while. every time i remembered i would refill it and drink as much as i could. i think its the combination of that and the amount of alcohol i had drank saturday and sunday. all i can say is i am extremely lucky my body worked that shit out in time.
  8. I had to take a surprise test once cause I went to the ER. I'd filled up a coke can pipe twice by myself three days before and I was still perfectly clean.

    It all depends on your body.
  9. Is this for a job? You want the job? Then invest $20 in some "Clean Pee" and cover your ass.

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