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Drug Test question/estimate

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sashko012, May 7, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I posted this in the stickied but it seems the guy who started it hasnt been on in three years so I'm posting here to see if I can get an answer:
    - weight: 190
    - height: 6'4
    - build: Very fit and skinny. I've had a flat six pack since I was 16
    - amount of physical activity: I do 10-15 mile runs everyday, heavy weight lifting, core excersises. I'm also very healthy diet wise, I take two multivitamins a day and eat mostly vegetarian.
    - date of drug test: May 23rd
    - date of last time smoke: May 3rd
    - frequency of smoking: FromApril 24th to May 3rd I smoked but not very heavily. Couple blunts shared with 5 people, a few gravity bongs
    The last test I had I passed after having smoked two days in a row the week before fairly heavily, and I passed it undiluted. Couple blunts and bowl hits. I'm pretty confident in my ability to pass and I wouldnt be suprised if i'm clean again in the next couple days. My friends wanted to have one last smoke day with me on the 10th. Should I be able to get clean? I know it's cutting it close and It is definitely a bad choice to smoke with only 13 days to go but would I be able to get clean in that time? Also the place I'm doing it for accepts dilutied samples like crazy. I can pretty much piss water and they'll accept it. How effective is dilution? I'm hesitant to rely on my ability to pass a home test diluted because I know the test is either EMIT or RIA.

    tl;dr I smoked fairly heavily the last week or so, and want to do so for one more day with 13 days before my test.
  2. yer set dude...

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