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Drug Test Question? Ask here!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iTokeat420, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. We'll hell. I just when there an on my paper work it says split specimen test an the No in caps I passed two test this morning for a 5 way the at 15/50/100/200/300. My faints line was on the 15 but he'll won't no probly for awhile so I fingers crossed.
  2. Ok yea on my paper work in caps it says no on the split specmens collection box. She took what I had in the cup look at it for a split second then poured it in to a samller viel then sealed it. But there was a little left in the other cup tho.
  3. I know this webiste is exhausted of drug testing questions. I took an Oral Eze drug test that gets sent to Quest Diagnostics. I was stuned when I had to retake my drug test. I was clean for 35 hours, I was clean the two days prior but took three bong rips. I weigh 165 and workout 5 times a week. ( as I know weight and fittness levels affect results). I eat pretty cleanly, but as soon as I heard I had to come in I began washing with listerine. I washed with listerine about 10 times that day. I then only flushed with peroxide. About 15 times and then about 10 times the day of. I ate 6 double stacks from wendy's as I heard fat food helps somehow. I was chewing altoids and spitting into a cup. I filled two cups worth of spit in those 35 hours. 15 minutes before going in I washed with peroxide and stuck 4 altoids in the side of my cheek and just let it sit there, as I thought it would create a film around the cheek and thats exactly where i stuck the oral eze. Thoughts?
  4. - weight 240
    - height 6ft
    - build overweight
    - amount of physical activity moderate
    - date of drug test sept 22
    - date of last time smoke sept 1
    - haven't smoked before that
    - smoked around 4 or 5g's
  5. passed.
  6. I passed got the job start next week.
  7. Anyone ever see this douchebag? He posts comments when someone reviews Quick Fix or other synthetic urine products saying "I catch these all the time" - check out the video -

    Has QF or Sub Solution found methods to thwart the detection methods this narc dork is speaking of in this video?
  8. Why doesn't everyone just buy this stuff? So this is REAL powdered urine? Also, in the image it says "real human urine," then in details below it states "synthetic urine kit" - so which is it? Real or synthetic? Synthetic Urine Kit (Fake Urine) - Test Clear
  9. OK, here's my situation:
    I'm 6'0, 180 lbs. I run 3-4 days a week, although only about 2 miles at a time since it's hot in the summer here. 40 years old. I think I have high metabolism, but not sure how to really define that anyways...

    I was a daily smoker for over a year, then took a week off. Had 3 more days on, but then stopped again when I found out I'd probably need to take a test and now I'm 42 days clean.

    I agreed to coach my kids middle school basketball team because they lost their coach, and although I don't even want to do the job, now I'm expected to take a drug test. It would be really embarrassing to fail, not to mention my kids team would be unable to compete this year.

    I don't know when I'll need to take the test, but I'm thinking probably in the next week. So what should I do to ensure I pass?
    I've seen plenty of write-ups, but they always have naysayers.

    Also, I don't have a headshop here to buy any sort of detox drink, and I can't have them shipped to my home. So whatever I do I'm gonna need to use Walmart/CVS/GNC.

    I'm thinking about just stopping my exercise now, and start drinking tons of water and multivitamins. But I could really use some advice.

  10. Arghh nooo I had a swab test today. I've had a good run these last few years and today I just thought, it's been a few months since the last one, I think my numbers up today. Just an unnerving feeling. So when the phone rang for me unexpectedly, from the managers extension, I honestly couldn't believe it what I was seeing.

    Here's how it went. I'm underguard whilst I wait for my turn and they give me a run down of what happens. Breathalised, then stick two swabs under your tongue for several minutes. Then they get send of to a lab and I find out next week whether they're postive or negative for baaaad stuff.

    Interesting thing, whilst waiting I'm reading what the kit states it searches for. There's loads of stuff on there, but alongside 'cannabis', I'm pretty certain it said 'CBD' and not 'THC'. I don't understand why that would be.

    I'm a heavy smoker, have been for over a decade. Prior to the test (7-8 hours), I had a mini of some very lacklustre stuff which barely does anything to me. Hadn't eaten anything after smoking just coffee and chewing gum up to the test.

    About me. I'm tall and skinny, don't eat much. Walk 8-10 miles a day (though this last week I've been lazy getting lifts).

    Other facts. Half the workplace smoke weed. Hell, some guy quit his job because he thought he was going to fail (hard user of all sorts) and he actually passed. Other seasoned tokers have smoked more than me within a similar timeframes before work and passed.

    Only one employee to my knowledge has been sacked, and that was for something class A and was 4 times over the accepted limit.

    I wasn't aware there was 'acceptable limits', but they always said that "We're only trying to catch those under the influence at work, not what you do in your leisure time", which I thought was BS but perhaps not.

    Finally, the general opinion of the workforce is they're not after 'stoners', but more after 'hard users' under the influence at work.

    I feel like I'm being very paranoid given everything I've said, but I dunno, feeling I could be really unlucky. Especially on account of how I felt my numbers up and it was.

    Thank you for any opinions on whether I'm doomed or not :)
  11. H

    5ft 2
    Active Mum
    Prior to July 19th smoking 3x per day.
    July 19th to August 16th dropped to 1x per day.
    August 16th gave up for 1 week then resumed smoking 2-3x per week until now.
    Have to do a hair follicle in 2 weeks. I will stay weed free from now till test.
    Do you think my levels will look as though im a recreational smoker ?
  12. Pretty much only here to ask this but I’m shitting myself. Have a pee test in 12 hours, haven’t smoked for 21 days but before that I would smoke a couple of bongs at least every 2nd/3rd day. Took a test from the store earlier 15mg and failed it trying to find something that’ll help me pass. Only stores near me are called Shosha and Cosmic in New Zealand and I’m not sure which product would be best for me. I’m 178cm/115kg fat build any help would be much appreciated thanks guys and gals
  13. Hi All,

    Fairly paranoid here and wanted some insights from you guys.
    I have a drug screening coming up, I am not sure if it will be urine or hair.

    Little background of myself, I smoked heavily for about 5years (3-4 times a day) , I used vape , and also smoked regular buds. It has been 160 days or so since I last smoked (april 22, 2018). I am 5'10 and 150 lbs and in fairly decent shape and I also think I have fast metabolism.

    What are my chances of passing either of the test? From what i read and indications are that I will be fine but I am still paranoid.

    Are there any precautionary measures I can take before the screening??

    Thank you all
  14. You should be totally fine. I'm a very heavy smoker and also slightly overweight. It took me approx 50ish days of no smoking before I pissed clean.

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  15. weight 270-280
    - height 4'11"
    - build overweight
    - amount of physical activity almost none
    - date of drug test tomorrow 10/05/18
    - date of last time smoke today 10/04/18
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days) daily
    I do have someone who will sub for me and a germ x bottle and 2 hand warmers if anyone can give an answer on her to pass with that method with those tools..
  16. I guess I'm not sure where to post this since it's my first time here. But does anyone have information on how to pass a hair follicle test for heavy cocaine use?
  18. I’m not sure if anyone here can help me. I need to pass a hair follicle test sometime soon. I don’t have a date yet because I’m doing it On my own to present. My whole career is riding on this.

    Problem is, I don’t smoke pot. I’m a heavy cocaine user (now 2 weeks clean) Ideally I would like to text in the next week or so.

    I’m a Female, chin length blond highlighted hair. Weight 196, I’m now fairly active, but I don’t have a high metabolism.

    My plan is to do the Macujo method using MUDD, since I have read it works better on drugs other than THC. I can’t really afford to completely fry my hair as I work in a very important industry. I also can’t fail this test or I lose my license and therefore my job.
    I hope someone can offer some advice.
  19. Did you end up passing? Here’s my two cents. Nursing school and nursing sucks ass. And now I tested positive on urine and have to in front of the board. If you want to stay in school, and keep your license or even take the boards, stop smoking right now.

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