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Drug Test Question? Ask here!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iTokeat420, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. yes. keep us posted
  2. The MRO will call you first if you fail yo see if there are any medications you take that could cause a positive. Aftet they call you they will report it to the employer

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  3. Even with pre-employment they still call you first.

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  4. Ok sweet. Thanks for the info..I’m still freaking out because I took the Oral Eze test aug 15 and haven’t heard a word from anyone
  5. 198 lbs
    Average build
    Brisk walking daily
    Date of drug test: 8/23/2018
    Last smoke ( 2-4 hits): 8/19/2018
    Occasional smoker only on weekends

    Hi there! I am new here but I had a job offer Thursday and the last time I smoked was Sunday. Usually when I smoke is on the weekends. Each time I smoke I use a joint or pipe but only getting 2-3 hits each time. When he offered me the job he asked to do a drug test that day but once that comes back he wants to schedule orientation.

    I had drank a 20 oz lipton green tea w/citrus and a 1 liter water within 15-20 mins and I peed twice before the test..

    Should I be okay??
  6. So today I finally called and asked what’s up..they said I PASSED everything!! Holy fuck talk about a stressed out week!
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  7. Fu** yeahh.. congrats bro. I dont even know you but i sure as hell am happy for you. I just worked my first day today after i passed the pre employment as well. be easy dude and good luck
  8. #6308 xprops, Aug 28, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
    - weight: 220 LBS
    - height: 5'10"
    - build (skinny, average, overweight): overweight
    - amount of physical activity: I've been increasing it with 30 minutes of cardio daily at the gym for about a week now. I also spend 15-20 minutes in the sauna after a workout.
    - date of drug test: not yet determined.
    - date of last time smoke: 08/24/2018
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days): I smoke on Fridays only for the most part. In a month I'll normally smoke between 4-6 times, probably 4-5 bong rips for the entire night.

    I'm just wondering how long it would take to clear my system and to pass a piss test, and what I can do other than 30 minutes of exercise and drinking a gallon of water a day.
  9. I passed!!! Started my new job today!!!
  10. FM-590PP Non-DOT Urine anybody know what would be the cut off level of this test.
  11. - weight 150
    - height 5’1
    - build - thick with a lil belly
    - amount of physical activity - I walk every day but I don’t work out or sweat too much
    - date of drug test - anytime in the next 4 weeks
    - date of last time smoke - JULY 27
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days) - the 3 days nights before July 27 I smoked , I smoked an oil pen , the Krazy glue one
    Only at night like 3-4 pulls a night maybe even a little more

    Before this I was clean for about 2+ month , I use to smoke the pen every day for about 2-3 months

    - urine test at quest diagnostics I believe or lab corp

    This is for college , I just got into a nursing program and if I fail this drug test I get taken outt the entire program so there goes my career and tuition ..
  12. Hi I’m 22 and I’m 160 and 5”3 I used to work out three days a week but my family friend told me working out will release the thc so I haven’t been the last time I smoked was on 8/26/2018 I used to smoke 2-3 times a day for 6 months before that I was clean for 1 year and a half because I was pregnant and breastfeeding but once my baby turned three months I stopped I have a drug test Friday and I’m terrified it’s for school will I pass?
  13. its very likely you will test positive since it will be no more than a week without smoking. Stay on the safe side and either get a donor, put it in a condom and stick it in your private parts to keep a good temperature OR drink vinegar the night before and hours before the test, 2 l of water the night before as well and maybe you can test a dilute it enough
  14. Anybody now the test standard for a FM-590PP Non Dot Urine
  15. Not exactly but most are 50ng cutoff then 15ng if it’s sent for confirmation
  16. Do the have to pay more if they do additional testing
  17. Yes that’s why they dont
  18. If they don't split the specimen does that mean they won't do more test then just the look a maybe a stick or to for pH an stuff
  19. From my experience and understanding, YES, samples can only be tested once. If more testing is needed it needs to come from a untampered with sample ( split sample).

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