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Drug Test Question? Ask here!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iTokeat420, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. depends on how much and how long you smoked before. Try a walmart test after your first pee in the meantime and start from there. you still have substitution method if able or even just try diluting a little bit with an overload of water 2 hrs prior to the test. good luck
  2. will do
  3. I wasnt a heavy smoker, lets say i smoked for a about a week, 1-2 bowls on and off for about 5 days, within 2grams, is that good enough to pass?
  4. it should be enough time, since you exercise and arent overweight, but always rely on that plan B just in case. drink a lot of water, work out normally and try detox a little before the test.
  5. Preciate it mane
  6. Not positive I am putting this in the right spot, but I would like to ask more experienced member to give me their input. I am a 20 year old male, 5’11”, and weigh around 155. Average build with a good metabolism. I work out approximately 4 times a week but I only do cardio. I smoked 3 times this summer, once I’m late may, once on late June, and once in early July. The last two occupancies being about a week apart. Prior to the summer I had not smoked in over a year. Each time I smoked this summer I smoked approximetly half a blunt of decent weed( I don’t really know my weeds and I have a low tolerance). Anyway, I now have a 25ng/ml drug test coming up soon. It will be 58 days since I last smoked. I took an at home 50ng/ml drug test on day 13 and passed(2nd pee of day and not diluted). I am just worried that I might not be below 25 because I know the excretion slows down the lower it goes. Anyways, thanks for any advice!
  7. for a very heavy smoker 30-40 days is enough to test clean.In theory you should be okay
  8. i dont know if it was devine intervention or luck,but i passed... i really hope that this wont be a thing in the future because it suckssss.. best of luck to everybody
  9. Damn dude, congrats! Still haven’t heard anything...someone was telling me that they have to tell you if you that true?
  10. unless is a pre employment tests, an MRO calls you if its positive to touch base on the substance
  11. let me know how it works for u
  12. I am hoping to get some advice. I have a test next week. I am going testy self aging tomorrow an bye more sensitive test. I am going on week 4 of not smoking. I am 5' 10" , 180 lbs with a waist of 36". My body fat is around 25 to 30 percent. My matabalism should be pretty standard because I have always been around the same wight. I always stuck to flower an low grade around 10 percent the. I took a 3 day cleans. An working on a 7 cleans. I heard they wernt very effective but I thought what the hell anything might help to lower the levels so why not. I also been doing 2 to 3 tablespoon with whater 2 times. I also have a bottle of quab 23 on stand by for teat day. By the time I test I with be 36 days. Would you believe I would have a good chance. I smoked for around 5 years straight. But I will be testing my self again tomorrow.
  13. 5’6
    145 lbs
    I’m quite average built. Not necessarily skinny but not overweight.
    I don’t really exercise expect from 15-20 minute home work outs everyday
    Im trying to get a job but they require a drug test. The last time I smoked was exactly 19 days ago. I’ve been smoking everyday for months but I get high quickly so I don’t use a lot. I would smoke maybe half a bowl most of the time. Some days I would smoke a full bowl. I wanted to know how long i would have to wait before I could apply for the job.
  14. Sorry left out some info on the 2 to 3 tablespoon is apple vinager. An would smoke several times a day out of a 1/2" 90 degree elbow. I would get to to 3 hits an then it would be Ash.
  15. For the 5 yeats it is possible for the metabolites to last a little over 40 days, BUT, dont over do it on the vinegar just yet. work out a sweat as much as you can with exercise and at least 3 days prior to the test stop all exercise , ive read when you burn fat it does come out of the fat cells into your blood stream and it might screw you over. so take it easy a couple of days before. take vitamin B, and a day prior to the test drink 1-2 l of water. the day of the test take some more vinegar, drink a monster and more water but try not to over due it since they can fail you if urine its too watered down. btw the day of the test empty your bladder while drinking a little more water just to dilute it a little more ...vitamin b and the monster would be to give it cokor... as a plan b.... substitite is risky, but a sure thing. you can keep a good temp of 96 degrees if you put it by your private parts , double underware and some practice..good luck
  16. to be 100% 30 days, if you exercise and work out s sweat. could be less but it isn't a sure science. drink water as normal, but chugging water everyday doesnt mean you will detox, it works just before the test to dilute the sample. take some home tests and verify and start from there
  17. Okay thank you!! Will do. If I pass the home test, do you think I should be good & go ahead and apply for the job?
  18. home tests are definitely a first step,try 2 in different days and if its negative you should be good to go.
  19. Okay I will! Thank you so much for your help! Appreciate it!
  20. I got decent news I took a at home standard test last night I didn't drink to much water yesterday ethier but I did have a beer an a cranberry juice. There was a so faint line that disappear. I asked my wife if was seeing the same thing she did. An she said congrats your pregnant lol. But standard is around 50 ng correct. So I went for a 2 mile jog again. Drank some water an vinager an took a vitamin. I am going to buy some more test to day an get one that tells your level I will keep test my self for the next week intel. My test. An stop 3 to 4 days on the exercise before test. Same with water an vinager but I still have 3 days on the detox pills I bought so will finish them up. the has a have life around 7 days. So if I'm right at that 50 mark Mark I should be ok then for that test. But i still may have to dilute a little. Does this sound good to everyone Elise.

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