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  1. So i'm starting a nursing program on Jan 8 I know at some point they will do a UA (probably the first day) and my last time smoking was DEC 22. , with roughly 17 days, I've been exercising everyday and taking Niacin as well as drinking lots of water and a detox tea everyday. How worried should I be

    Male 6'0
    Weight : 196
    Build: Normal
    Previous Everyday smoker
  2. 32
    205 lbs
    Average/slightly overweight but workout 3x a week
    One hit from a one hitter once every 2-3 days ( light weight nowadays lol)

    No test unless I hit something at work(not likely) and then it’s only a mouth swab, I try to go at least 2 days between every hit I take, just want an opinion on how long one hit would show on a mouth swab as infrequently as I smoke, thanks

  3. If i smoke a hit after my drug test how long will it stay in my system? I passed after 22 days after being a heavy smoker (2-3 bowls everyday for 2 years). I drank a lot of water before my test. Im scared theyll randomly test me sometime after i take my second test. The cut off is 50ng/ml.. its a cup test and they dont send it in.
    Female 5’1” 120lbs average build
    I dont exercise too much but my job requires heavy lifting and a lot of walking.
  4. I’d be interested in you levels as well. Why don’t you buy a 15 count thc home test (urine). You can get the 50ng and 20 ng.

    Smoke ,wait 2 days and then test yourself. Test yourself everyday, until you pass the 50ng. When you do pass the 50, test with the 20 ng until you pass that one . Might give you some solid answers. Then share them with us!!
  5. - 165
    - 5'11.5"
    - Ectomorph. Skinnyfat. Bit of a belly
    - Not much right now... lol. I mostly do strength exercises never cardio, but a little bit of walking.
    - I don't know. Maybe in a few days or 2 weeks?
    - December 27, 13 days ago
    - 3 times in December. 5 times since October.
    - I drink lots of coffee and water.
  6. took an at home First Check test where the line is faint. I think it's a pass but it's fainter than at home tests I've taken before, and more condensation. The lab test was after I was 72 hrs clean as a daily smoker. Lab test is Quest, 50ng cutoff on initial (if diluted its a fail and the confirmation CG/MS test is then 15ng cutoff). I diluted before this at home test and then more for the lab test (4 hours later than this at-home one) with PuriClean 32 oz. Was diluting for 3 days and quit smoking cigs too. Did not eat fatty food the day of test, did not eat 3 hrs before drinking PuriClean. It has woeked befoee but with a lineon the First check a little bit darker than this one, which is why I want some input. Thanks guys

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  7. 150
    Play bball often
    Had smoked 2 times
    Once 15 days before i was tested 2 tokes
    Once 9 days before 3-4 tokes
    Do you think I Will pass?
  8. Not worried about urine levels, I wanna know how long a hit every 2-3 days will be around for mouth swab
  9. My drug test is today)(So I smoke had stopped smoke for 5 months because I was in jail and was completely clean but I about 2 blunts on in a 2 day span 21 and 22 of December and stopped since so about 25 now I was kinda curious and wanted to see where i was at and purchased a 50ng cutoff test kit and used it 2 days ago and a half dark half faint line appeared should I be worried I have a great metabolism too about 5'7 165 average build
  10. You’ll pass but to be sure to hydrate well the day of.
  11. Thanks One more question. They had me pee in a cup close it and put it in a sandwich bag then throw it in some kind of bin does this mean its going to the lab? If so am I still good you think ,I hydrated well ,went to the bathroom about 4 times before hand and pee came out gold yellow
  12. - 125lbs
    - 5'9
    - skinny/boney
    - only exercise I get is walking
    - 1/24/18 is when the drug test is happening (8:30am)
    - 1/17/18 is when I last smoked
    - I've been unemployed for the last few months and so I haven't been smoking as much as I usually would, but I was still smoking 2/3 times a week and I've been hitting resin (typically I smoke about 1/4 a week)
    - This is a test for a position at a prestigious city hospital (I have already been 'hired' by a non-profit that didn't drug test me, but since I will be spending time working with patients at this hospital they are requiring that I pass their medical clearance which includes a urine test and a physical). I just found out about the drug testing today (I thought I was in the clear when I was hired at the non-profit and given my badge there).
    I am thinking about using Sub-Solution based on reviews I have read on this forum, but I am nervous about hiding the urine on my body since I am also being subjected to a physical (and I don't know if they will make me disrobe for that or anything). My sister suggested that I purchase one of those same-day detox drinks from GNC (she had success with this route back in 2011- but I think drug tests have gotten much more complex since then given the opioid crisis and legalization).
    Anything you could suggest would be much appreciated! I've been reading reviews for different methods since I found out I am being tested, but I'd love to have some input on my actual situation. Thanks!
  13. I would order sub solution tonight but plan on using it if I couldn’t get clean. It’s unlikely you can get clean that fast. Almost impossible but I would try. There are threads about how. Basically you need to fast (diet), exercise and plan on diluting. But you have to be testing yourself daily to see if you can get there. Find the threads.
  14. Yeah...I didn't think I could get clean in time for this test. I am extremely skeptical about using synthetic urine- have you used it successfully? I know most people had success with Subsolution and Quickfix 6.2
  15. Is Xstream 11.0 still passing tests in 2018? I have a 10 panel coming up soon.
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  16. 26 years old
    5ft 8in
    12-15% bf
    I workout 4-5 times a week powerlifting and cardio probably 3 times a week. cardio everyday now since stopping smoking. cardio consists of 25-30 min of running.
    I get about 20-30 g of fiber a day lots of water normally .75 gal-1.5 gal just depends
    I took 1-3 hits a day for probly 2 weeks and the 3rd week only one hit on two of the days.
    mid grade (or so I was told, no clue)
    it has been one week since I took the last hit.
    I may have a drug test in another week. idk yet.
    last time I had a drug test I had been smoking anywhere from 8-10g a week for probly two months and I passed a lab test after 5 weeks. I drank probly half a gallon of water before the test.

    is it normal for someone to pass a lab test after 5 weeks of smoking 8-10g a week for two months???
    also from the info stated above if i have a test 2 weeks after stopping should i be worried?
  17. First off you should buy yourself some home tests. Second, 5 weeks is a long time for a fit guy. Two weeks, you are probably cutting it close but you still have a week. There are definetly things you can do. Without getting too wordy, triple up on the cardio and reduce your caloric intake in half. You need to force your body into fat burning mode.
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  18. well i didn't test before then that's just when the test was. i don't know if i was clean before then or not. ok so 1.5 hours of cardio a day then. cut calories in half.
  19. Okay im 25 about to be 26
    I weight 134 Just had a baby in Nov
    Im 5.9 tall
    I never smoke its been like 4 years efore this last time i was jan 20 only like 4or 5 hits but didnt inhale but the first hit. Was drinking too
    Had test the 23rd at 7:10pm its under analysis now do yall think ill pass???
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