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  1. Hi, I’ve been freaking about this for a while and could use some help. My employer just randomly decided we should start being drug tested (after 12 years!!) because we drive company vehicles. I know the text cutoff is 50ng I’m not sure when the test will be but I know it will be soon... I keep trying to hold it off.

    I usually bought a $40 a week and split it between my partner so I’m guessing I have been smoking a gram or less a day (on and off) for about 3 years or so.

    I am 275lbs
    Overweight but not gigantic
    I am a tour guide in Florida so I’m walking 6 miles or so in the heat nearly everyday. I sweat allot. I’m not eating terribly but not super healthy either. I’d say my diet is average. I am using toxin rid (14 days, I’m on my last 3 days now) and drinking a ton of water every day.

    Last time I smoked was 10/17. I have been testing every three days. Weirdly, my first test like five days after I last smoked gave me a faint but clear pink line but my last test yesterday had a barely readable line so I’m nervous!

    Any idea when I might pass? 11/16 will be 30 days for me.

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  2. On a side note. I love it when people consider their job as part of their daily workout lol.
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  3. Taking drug test for the Navy Friday. What does my test read? Just making sure.

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  4. just some advice for all, i have been doing samples every week for some years now.
    my experience has learned me that its all about your metabolism (fat burning) sorry my English..
    so when ever i know i am supposto give a test i take surtent precautions upfront as:
    smoking the day i give my sample so i have the longest time possible to get clean.
    before smoking i drink lots of home made green tea with ginger and lemon, after too..
    i drink it all the time after i smoked so i know i am flushing my system.. before it was a real pain as green tea ginger and lemon is not jummy but now there is like green tea mint flavour so on.. making it ok to drink..
    use fresh ginger and allot, same with lemon use fresh,, you can also cook up some liter and place it in the fridge.
    before i used this way of flushing i would get urine samples with posetive results.. after i have not gotten 1 dirty sample,, the closest i done was smoking 4 days before sample with clean result but i try to keep it minimum 5-6 days
  5. Hi all!!
    I am looking for a bit of helpful information regarding an upcoming urine analysis...
    First of all I am 5'10 135 pounds, male. I had 2 months completely clean before a 2.5 week "binge." I didn't do anything crazy, maybe 2-3 bowls a day and an occasional blunt split between 3-4 people, but absolutely nothing even close to a gram a day. Also, some days it was as little as one bowl. I have 22 days (at least) before my UA. My question is about whether I will pass? I know everyone is different but I have MAYBE 10% body fat if that. I'm hoping those 2 months will help me also. I have been drinking water and plan to start exercising as well. Anyone with any information, tips, or peace of mind, would be appreciated!
  6. any detox helps.. but if you hafto be sure.. buy tests and check your self upfront
  7. whats up everyone,

    i have a hair drug test coming up in maybe december or january. by the time it comes around i would be 40 days clean and the last time ive smoked(any this year) has always been very small amounts. id smoke maybe one or two joints a month(july, aug, sept).

    i'm 6'0 195 i workout everyday and drink a lot of water. i also have a very low cut(not even .5 an inch) and i cut my body hair down to less than .5 when i knew id get the test. should i be worried at all? i havent smoked in 21 days and i just cut all hair down and by the time it grows back it'll be 40 days clean.
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    Can the lab tell the difference in lady urine and male urine?
  9. I knew someone who did that. And the place knew what was up. She was pregnant, so that could have been a trigger for them. I'd say it depends on how thorough the test is that is being done though.

  10. 6'5
    Very active
    Smoke gram of dank a day usually

    Had to pee in a cup yesterday , the synthetic wasn't enough so I topped off with my pee. Am I going to fail???1-10 ratio
  11. Hey all, new member here. Figured I would post here until I figure out where to post my rant about the lack of legalization at this point in history (unbelievable!). Anyway...

    I'm 28. I started smoking recreational when I was about 14. It helped me in so many ways cause I've always had severe ADD, anxiety, and have struggled with depression since I was 7 years old (documented). Aside from being forced to stop temporarily for probation reasons a few times in my teen years, I've pretty much been a 3-4 time a day smoker since then. A few years ago I decided I wanted to get a real job (background in kitchen work), so I went through school to attain an associates degree in process technology, and will graduate this Saturday as an honor graduate with a 3.985 Texas GPA (guess stoners aren't idiots, huh? :p) But now I am forced to stop completely, cause if I fail a single drug test as any point while trying to get a factory job, they will blacklist me to the point that I will never work in any plant anywhere on Earth and have to give up what I have worked my *** off to achieve. Ridiculous, but so is the world we live in.

    Now then, on to business. My official "cold turkey" quit date was November 23rd. I've only taken a few hits since then... maybe 2-3 once a week without inhaling, just to help me sleep before I go to bed. Cause I sleep like **** without it and it's the only thing that helps me.

    I'm a small guy, which may play to my advantage: I'm about 5'7", around 125 lbs. I have a very fine and straight hair type, dirty blonde to lighter blonde/almost clear in my scalp hair layers, and the length is medium to my ears in the sides with a bit longer in the back. So, fine, light, and kinda long. Since I look like a 12 year old with short hair. My activity level is reasonably high. I'm outside a lot in the hot sun, sweating, doing stuff like general farm work, mechanical stuff, fishing, shooting, etc. I don't eat a lot, maybe 1-2 proper meals a day, and my metabolism is relatively slow for someone of my size/activity level.

    I figure on waiting about 3 months before attempting to get a job, to pass the urine tests. AFAIK, the business I am applying for only does urine testing and not hair or blood testing. Does this sound right to everyone in order to ensure I pass when I go through the process? I can't take any chances here. As far as hair testing, there is always a chance that I could want to apply somewhere else. I know those go back for a year or more (which is ridiculous and unnecessary), so that has me really concerned cause that's very hard to deal with.

    Which brings me to my questions:

    1.) what actually works to help cleanse urine and fat cells of the THC-COOH enzyme that is produced when the pot is stored in my body? Is there a known way to neutralize this enzyme? I understand CBD to be a natural neutralizer of THC, but it is not possible to get in a pure form in my state. I'm really not a believer in "cleansing systems" that you buy at head shops cause I went that route before when on probation as a teen and ended up failing and going to jail for it. There has to be a better way to do that?

    2.) Blood tests I am not as concerned about, but the hair tests scare me to death. I have seen methods online utilizing the "Mac method", but it seems to me that it would destroy my hair, not to mention is really expensive. (shampoo is $160 on ebay! o.o) I just can't justify that sort of cost. So, can I simply get an extensive haircut and wait a few months, or do I need to do something else like cleaners to help it along? I know not to use masking agents; inconclusive is the same as failing. What is the minimal amount of time on this that's required to ensure that I pass if I stop smoking entirely and no longer take little puffs here and there?

    Thanks all, this has really been an extremely hard process on me.
  12. If it's a pee test three months is plenty of time. You will be fine, you're skinny which plays to your advantage, just don't screw up and think you can smoke and be good, we are talking about your future livliehood here. An alternative method is to go to a drug screening lab on your own accord, pay for the test and get the results. That way you will know for sure if you passed or not and you can get on with the app and interview processes
  13. Does anyone know if this stuff works for a saliva test?


    Have a job orientation tommorw and may or may not have to do a drug test there. It's going to be less than 24 hours since I've last smoked so hope it works.
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  15. I had considered that as an option, but I have heard that they don't necessarily test down to the same levels as they do when an employer ask for it? Any idea if this is true because it doesn't sound right to me?

    I am working very, very hard to not smoke, but it hasn't been easy for me. My story goes a lot farther than I have divulged so far... up until about high school, I absolutely hated the idea of drugs. About half of my immediate family smoked, and still does to this day, so needless to say, I have been exposed to it for a very long time. What got me started smoking was meeting people. I was always such an outcast, loser, misfit, whatever term you prefer... I had a lot of issues. Pot not only helped me finally make friends, but it also helped with a lot of issues I had: depression, anxiety, feelings of uselessness and being lost... it was such a blessing I never considered it to be a drug when I at last tried it. For me, it is... was... a genuine medication. It helped to put my brain right, and I am eternally grateful for the miracle it provided to me, despite the bit of trouble I got into here and there. I know I need to move on, and I haven't smoked at all in a week now. Trust me when I say that's an accomplishment for me, lol. I'm proud of myself for gaining control over that part of my life, but I struggle to fill the hole left from quitting. I've taken to drinking a little more... which is terrible, and I hate, but that's what society tells us is okay to do.

    Thank for the reply, sorry I didn't see this until now. I expected a notification as I had gotten in other threads I've been involved in. Also, apologies for rambling on a bit... I'm just a bit worse off than most people. It's not supposed to be addictive, but I am an addict and I would be kidding myself to deny that.
  16. Hey guys, just your resident paranoid 420 enthusiast about to take their pre employment Non-DOT UA test on Friday (2 days). Looking for a bit of advice!

    I'm a 6'1, 160lb twig man who doesn't work out. Last smoked a couple of hits 2 weeks ago, and was 100% clean for 30 days prior to that. I've been drinking plenty of water and testing myself daily for the last 2 weeks and have been getting a solid line and semi-faded line for the duration. I got so paranoid, I even purchased a Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot that supposedly keeps me in the clear for 5 hours.

    My biggest question/concern is; am I going overboard with the Nutra Cleanse here? From what I'm reading, pre-employment test levels are 50 ng/ml, so if I'm testing negative right now (solid line, and faded line) would I cause any suspicion by downing this Nutra Cleanse shot? Or is it better safe than sorry and just take the shot as directed? I'd hate to unintentionally 'spike' my sample if it's not even needed.
  17. I am about 57' i weigh 126 lbs and i am pretty skinny. i took a drug test this previous wednesday at 35 days and i passed! since I'm clean, i wanted to smoke next weekend because I'm graduating college. If i smoke next weekend will it take another month to get clean? or since I'm already clean will it only take about a week? I just want to be sure because i have job interviews that are coming up after christmas.
  18. Does anyone know of any detox drinks that work I just drank 32oz oder qcarbo32 followed by 32oz of water all it did was turn my pee green and give me diarrhea fail 3 test, I need HELP. this is pre-employment I already had a invalid test that was labeled cancel on the form with no needs retest or observed retest I know that is suppose to be mro guidelines I could take the test tomorrow!
  19. Hey I need help! I hope there are knowledgeable people still coming to this thread and able to answer how to pass a drug test!
    I am doing diversion and my lawyer told me I had a year to complete the program, so I have been smoking. I have been smoking less, but I have a dab pen and I ate a great eddible a few weeks ago.

    I found out today I have to take a drug test at the end of January. I know it takes me 8 weeks before I can pee clean because I was in treatment for mj addiction years ago, and when I left after being locked up for 6 weeks , I still wasn't peeing clean. The only reason they let me out was my ins. was up.

    I have to have a clean UA and I am not positive it will be. I know to drink a lot of water before the test and take a vit B complex pill. Is there anything else anyone can recommend that will help me pass? I smoked today. Today will be last day, for sure.
  20. So I'm going to be applying to the plumbing apprenticeship program January 23rd of 2018. They do hair testing. I've been clean for 2 1/2 months so far (stopped smoking October 16th of this year). I was an occasional smoker (I'd hit the one hitter, once every morning before work). The union will give me a call back to take the urine test first than the hair test once I pass the written exam. I'm guessing it won't be until at least April or May of 2018 until they do the hair test. My hair is going to have to be 1.5 inches long in order for them to do the test. According to the research I've been doing, that's 3 months. I've already cut my hair once last month and plan on cutting it again next month and letting it grow out.

    I'm 5'10, 150 LBS so I'm a fairly skinny guy

    My question is, I should be fine come April-May when they do the hair test correct? This is a big opportunity for me, career wise and don't want to mess this up!!!


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