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  1. I’d say chances of passing are not good from the amount you smoke. I smoked for about 4 months also roughly the same amount of dro. Multiple times a day. Haven’t smoked in 54 days and still dirty on home tests. I’m 5 9 155. Pretty suprised I’m still dirty honestly. I subbed with someone’s clean stuff a month ago to pass employment test. Now have to do it again as I’m still dirty and have a urine and hair test coming Tuesday. Luckily won’t loose my job over the hair test but gotta pass the urine test. I would say use quickfix 6.1 as a lot have good reviews on it. I just use someone else’s clean stuff tho personally. With practice it’s easy. I use grabber toe warmers from academy and practiced the time and temps to get it down to 98. Good luck

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  2. You have good chances of being clean soon if not already. 3 hits isn’t much. If you never smoked before or are a person who smoked only every few months or so it can be out of your system rather fast. Things that affect how long it take are frequency of use, quality of smoke(higher grade takes longer), and being overweight. Your best bet is go buy a home test to see where you stand. I buy them from Walgreens for about $21. You have good chance tho if you only took 3 hits and never smoked before. Get the test and see if your good. Hope this helps

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    155 lbs
    not very lean but fairly muscular and athletic
    weight training 4 to 5 times a week since last 4 years
    I do not generally follow a strict diet, but it is clean most of the time and i eat a lot of protein.
    date of test - October 12th
    date last smoked - October 1st
    frequency - 2 joints per weekend
    amount smoked - 2 grams over the course of 2 months. smoking a very tiny amount every time, 80% of joint are tobacco. I never take much. I smoked only to enjoy the food on Saturday and Sunday night.
    It is a pre-employment urine test. please advise if i can pass
  4. I have a drug test coming up short notice and I was wondering about a couple of products. I'm currently looking at the screeny weeny and the whizzinator. I need something that won't leak and I heard the whizzinator leaks sometimes. The screeny weeny looks very real but there is no valve just a button on the penis and I'm also worried about leakage there. By the way i'm using someone elses clean urine and not synthetic. What;'s a good product that won't leak and that looks fairly real?
  5. Does anyone know what to buy to clean out the urine? I bought some Optimal Kleen online. It said it was guaranteed to give a clean test. However, it was $75 and I have to test once a month. I am hoping someone knows something else I can buy that's less expensive. If not, I'll order this again. $75 is a drop in the bucket when I think about trying to bring urine with me and trying to keep it at the right temperature, not knowing what time they will actually tell me to go and pee.

    I've never heard of anyone paying that much though.
  6. I thought i was getting a urine test for this new job but surprise it was a hair test. last smoked only 34 days ago. I smoked a bowl a day of good shit for about 2 months before i quit on 8/28. Im probably fucked. Anyone have any words of hope? Could the one bowl a day be considered low enough usage to not register the needed levels? This is going to make me quit forever. Not worth the stress. Could I tell them i was at a party a couple of months ago and got drunk and someone had some weed and I didnt think anything of it so we smoked? I gotta be able to save this somehow!!
  7. Hi!

    I am 5'1
    300 lbs
    Active at work otherwise not so much(manage at a fast food restaurant)
    This sunday marked 10 weeks clean. So 10.5 weeks now.
    I feel like I should be ok..
  8. Need help from you fellow stoners. I am 33 days clean and did a home test today, which came back negative, I might have a drug test in a couple of weeks for a job. I know it's not a great idea but my back is killing me and don't like taking pills for pain, if I were to smoke a single bong today would I still to go in a couple of weeks?
  9. G'day all,

    I used to be a frequent smoker, about 1 j a night of kush. In the last three months I've tapered down to 1 or 2 hits off of a small bowl every other night, sometimes every 2 nights. I took my last hit Wednesday of last week (about 1 week ago now). I didn't expect the company I interviewed with to be one that drug tests (they generally don't in my line of work). When I got the offer letter it stated that I would need to pass a drug test.
    I'm relocating for this position next month, so I should in theory have a few weeks before the test (I start 11/27). I'm hoping to take it when I get to Colorado, which should give me around 4-5 weeks of being clean.

    - weight: 135-140
    - height: 5'3"
    - build (skinny, average, overweight): Average
    - amount of physical activity: Daily light exercise (spine injury), starting 45 minutes of cardio daily today.
    - date of drug test: 11/20-11/25
    - date of last time smoke: 10/12

    I drink 60-80oz of water daily, just started a vitamin/probiotic daily drink and daily liver detox tea.

    I have subbed with QuickFix before but I would really like to pass with my own clean urine. I took a home test today, which was positive.

    Any suggestions on additional steps to try to work it out, or should I just grab QF? Also, are there any tests that show you just how much THC is present, beyond just a pass/fail, so I get an idea of how much is left?
  10. The risk seems far too high. I deal with chronic back pain and understand, but if you are clean you should really just stick it out. Icy hot with lidocaine, 2 naproxen and something to distract yourself with is a safer bet.
  11. - weight: 112

    - height: 5'4

    - build (skinny, average, overweight): average/muscular

    - amount of physical activity: At least 5 times a week

    - date of drug test: 10/22

    - date of last time smoke: 12/11/16

    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days): The last time I smoked was over 10 months ago.

    - any other info that may help: I plan on taking a hit or two from a dab pen tonight, 10/18. have only done weed three times ever; one time was an edible, the two other times were from a joint. The last time I've done anything was in December of last year. I do intense exercise frequently, have a fast metabolism, and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I also take a 5-gram scoop of creatine a day after my workout.

    I'm getting piss-tested around 3-4 days after I plan on smoking. Is it possible for enough THC to leave my system for it to be below the threshold?
  12. I'm on probation for 9 more days for a non drug related offense. I had my last meeting on the 20th of october, 15 days before my discharge date. In the whole 12 months, I have never been drug tested. What are the chances im in the clear to smoke? I don't have to go to court or anything, he just said on the 4th at noon im off.
  13. weight: 115lbs
    - height: 5' 7"
    - build (skinny, average, overweight): skinny
    - amount of physical activity: been going to the gym twice a weak
    - date of drug test: Oct 31st
    - date of last time smoke: Oct 3rd
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days): Every day
    - any other info that may help: I passed a home drug test with a faint line and the same cutoff threshold as the lab test but I am still worried I may not pass. I have not taken a single hit after my last smoke. Thank you for your help!
  14. I need advice on passing a drug test.
    I'm currently 214 pounds at 5'10"
    With a 23% BMI
    I last smoked on the 17th of October it was literally one hit of some Fri. I have a test some time next week.
    I don't workout often either. Think I'm good? Ima buy a otc test today, if I fail it what can o do in 3-6 days to for Sure past?
  15. - 135 lbs
    - 5'6
    - muscluar/lean
    - lift weights moderately 3x a week
    - date of drug test: nov 3rd
    - date of last time smoke: October 20th
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days) : twice
    - any other info that may help: last time I smoked (which was october 20th) took edibles (0.5g about) + 2 bong hits. Not really a huge smoker, smoke about twice a month. Haven't been able to workout since the 20th cause I've been having chest pain. Passed OTC test but still paranoid.

    Thank you for your help!
  16. - weight 195
    - height 6'2
    - build (skinny, average, overweight) built with some fat
    - amount of physical activity workout 5 times a week
    - date of drug test 10/27/17
    - date of last time smoke september 24th 2017
    - frequency of smoking (last 30 days) no smoking past 33-34 days before that 2-3 hits of a jay before bed and on weekends sometimes a little more
    - any other info that may help drank about 60oz morning of test, took test at 12:55pm used 5th or 6th pee of the day, peed a tiny bit into bowl for 2-5 seconds then filled up cup..... really anxious pre-employment drug test

    - morning of drug test day first void....

    - 20 min before drug test.
  17. - 116 lb
    - 5 feet 2 inches
    - skinny
    - exercise: very little to none
    - when drug tested: it was today 10/30
    - last time smoked: 9/24
    - it was a one time thing after a very long time, i am not a frequent smoker
    - sorry, just paranoid. it was pre-employment testing. i used a vape pen to smoke it, it was the oil type..just wondering if i will pass
  19. Weight 300
    Height 6’0
    Build overweight
    Activity 1-2 a week workout
    Date of test Thursday
    Last time smoked last night 6 hits
    Last 30 Days have not smoked at all
  20. -115 lbs
    -Pretty skinny and lean
    -I don't really work out
    -The test date would be in about a month or so
    -Last smoke was about a week ago
    -I don't smoke as frequently as I used to, I only do it on weekends now
    -Basically I know I have some time to get my system clean but I want to know some of the best things to eat or do to make sure I pass the test in time. I don't know if it's gonna be urine or mouth swab

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