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Drug Test Problems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChromoX, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. My parents have now decided to drug test me randomly for the next 6 months, are there any known ways to keep smoking but pass the at home drug tests like the first choice drug tests from CVS?
  2. Yahh...its called find a straight edge friend and use his piss..unless your parents watch you when you do it
  3. ok well try the search there are alot of answers you will find.

    Do you know your rights? you are 18 and dont have to get randomly drug tested? Just dont smoke under there roof, and dont come home loaded and smelling like a skunk.

    Talk with them you are an adult, come off respectful and reach a compromise. You enjoy smoking more when you dont have to sneak around and worry, you actualy enjoy life more.
    Trust me there is a path to where ever you want to get.
  4. bro it always works its a little pricey but it works at least.
  5. dude its not worth the hassle and worry and the money on detox drinks, my friend just quit for probo and he said its better to know your gonna pass.
  6. Parents can make your life hell. Sucks doesnt it? You obviously let on that you smoke often if they test you. With parents nothing is "random" they always have some reason to do something. Even if its only a hunch. I would quit the first month, see what kinda of test they bought. Smoke RIGHT after it(only a lil bit) and then test yourself after working out and such and see how long it stays in.


    Talk to your parents about it, if you know that they are not hardcore against it(willin to bet money they atleast tried it back in the day) I would see if you can reach a compromise.

    This is risky because you never know when they will test you. They could test you 2 days in a row thinking you might toke up after the test.
  7. if you goto GNC or wherever your vitamin shop is a buy one of there 50 dollar detox drinks its like 100% guarenteed they will work.

    If your on probation and goto get drug tested the place you test at uses a cheap ass home kit that tests your creatine level only. and you can bring that down by simply drinking a shit load of water. and thats what a detox drink does.

    which comes to my next conclusion. its not worth the money to use. i was passing probation drug tests in two days by simply drinking water and only water. and shitloads of it too.
  8. Yea one of my friends, he hasn't smoked for a month or so because hes about to go to college, and his parents told him that hes getting drug tested this month and if he doesn't pass he has to put up $1,000 or so for college, the thing is he leaves for college the 22nd this wednesday and still hasn't been tested, I think hes parents are bluffing but hes not taking the chance, and a couple of my friends are on probation and if he fucks up on probation he won't have his DUI exsponged, and jail for 6 months, it all depends on the consquences of getting caught, I'm guessing there is something they would do if you didn't pass, you have basically two options go clean, or cheat its all bout the consquences i'v never tried that detox stuff, but I wouldn't trust it, it seems too sketchy and inconsistent espcially if the consquences are vital.
  9. wtf?

    he lives under their roof. Until you live under your own roof you have no rights like that. Sure a court may say he has right being over 18 but by being over 18, his parents no longer have to provide a roof or food or college or a car or clothes or anything else. If he goes elsewhere to smoke (which is probably the case anyway) the drug test won't say where he smoked only that he smoked which is apparently the situation they are trying to control.

    The way I see it is that there are 4 choices.

    1) stop smoking
    2) use expensive cleanouts
    3) pay your own way so your parents don't have this control over you
    4) follow buzzwell's advice and have the parents force option 3 on you

    Good luck

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