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drug test plz help...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Briian420, May 26, 2004.

  1. i was recently informed that the firm i work for is issuing drug test to all employees this friday....

    there is no way i'll pass without cheating, what should i do?
  2. drink gallon after gallon of water,

    drink a couple jars of pickle juice

    and work out like a mutha fu*ka

    other than that,

    I have no idea dude.

    Good luck!
  3. my company is issuing a drug test on all employees this friday...

    i could lose my job...

    what should i do plz help me if u have any ideas...

    thx in advance.
  4. Since they dont watch you piss on tests like these, i'd be really safe.
    Find someone you know that doesnt smoke or anything.
    Have them piss in a condom(dont fill it up, but just enough for the cup, you dont want it buldging out your pocket) tie it in a knot like a balloon.
    Do this the day before or if possible the day of the test.
    On your way to take the test set the condom on your dash with a shirt over it.
    Since its summer time there shouldnt be any problem heating it up to the proper test temperature. If you just wanna be sure, turn the heat on in the windshield.
    Keep something in your pocket to poke a small hole in it or use your zipper.
    Its worked for me twice, once in the winter.

  5. If its a urine test, have someone clean piss in a condom for you and tape it to your thigh (just before you go in to take it)

    If its a hair test....



    good luck :D

  6. Yeah hair test and you're screwed...but they must be testing for other narcotics as well and I seriously doubt they can "see" those in your hair.
  7. Damn dont you have to be a navy seal or cia or someshit for all that?
    Never knew anyone that had to take a hair test.
    Yal are gonna have this guy go in there bald as an eagle looking all scared and suspicious, lmfao.
  8. there are two things you can do.. i used a ready clean brand drink for a test and i was fine.. just follow the directions. and for a hair test.. highly unlikley and very expensive i think.. but i think there is some shampoo you can use... i wouldnt worry so much... get piss in a condom or take a drink and youll be fine.. good luck
  9. I know, i just feel the need to cuss at at least one person everyday no matter what, and this seemed the perfect oppurtunity.

    Is that like urinecake or what? Maybe i'll have to try that sometime it must be a backwoods thing.....
  10. Did you allready decide what you're going to do Briian420? Really man I wish you all the luck in the world to pass... And I hope you didn't bic your head yet :)

  11. No mam, i live in the city 5minutes from the airport, 5minutes from cowboy stadium and 10minutes from mavericks stadium.
  12. drink a lot of fluids piss alot and that mornin eat some shit with vitamin b in it( or somethin like that that will make your piss yellow)...... ive passed many a drug test just on water...... good luck to you
  13. thx everyone for the help i think im gonna go with the condom on the leg idea except i don't know what time of day the test will be at so i don't know about keeping it warm

    ps... i would never shave my head

    thx for the support guys
  14. If you tape the condom to the inside of your leg it should stay body temperature... course it will probably be the right temperature if it's in your pocket.
  15. I'd use one of these in your case, one of those metal booze flasks. The slight U shape wil make it easy to tape it on your leg, temperature should'nt be a problem either. I would never rely on a condom, risk of wetting my pants when it breaks (when you bump into something). Never actually had to do it so no real experience I love this country. Never heard of a company doing drug tests here (maybe just bacause I never had a job at a big company, still a student, though I dont think it's common here) I'd tell my current boss to fuck off when he would come asking for some piss, none of his damn business :D

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  16. How long do you have to stop smoking for before you show up clean on a piss test?

    Let's say you smoke multiple times everyday for about 4 months, and then you stopped for like 3-4 weeks. Would you show up clean?

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