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Drug test on day of interview?(Liquid Spit, and WAS tested)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by austin., May 10, 2011.

  1. How often do grocery stores drug test on the day of the interview? I have a interview today and worry I may get tested. I've smoked probably 1.5 grams since 4/20, the most recent being 3 resin hits last night (totally forgot about the interview, just wanted to get a buzz) and before that was around 420 i think.
    I plan on dilluting, but i dunno...

    ALSO, I searched, couldn't find an exact answer.
  2. 99% sure they don't DT on interview... lol
  3. you gotta get the job first...thats very unlikely
  4. I've been interviewed twice before, and got the job that same day. But it was just for fast food, so no drug test.
  5. they wouldnt waste money drug testing 50+ potential employees to just hire 5.
  6. if it's a groccery store, sometimes they WILL drug test you right there. it's a mouth swab, i've had it done before at dominicks. not sure if that is how they spell it. but as long as you brush your teeth, and the inside of your cheeks, maybe use some mouthwash, and don't smoke before you go, you should be fine.
  7. When I worked for walmart I was hired right after the interview and given a receipt for a drug test which I had to drive and get done within 4 hours, not doing so would cancel the offer.
  8. [​IMG]

    i hate walmart with a passion after i watched "Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price" :mad:
  9. never heard of that before. where can i find it?
  10. watchin it now!!!!!
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    I've seen that before lol. Honestly I didn't enjoy working there. They kinda used me to do several people's jobs and I wasn't given a raise. But I had to quit for college. I don't think it is as evil as the movie portrays. If you watch Penn and tellers bullshit episode on walmart it gives you a different perspective. It has multiple effects on a macro economic society. Both good and bad.

    Also TDF is the fucking bomb.
  12. it wasnt that bad in your store, but i was referring to the overseas aspects of the documentary along with the low wages and how they treat employees. how are you supposed to live off of $12,000 a year with a family of 4? beats me. im glad you left :hello:
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    12grand is about the lowest level position working part time. I understand getting any job possible, but if you accept a part time job that's what you're going to get. At 19 I wasn't expecting to make much more than minimum wage, but I made more than some of my friends at other part time jobs. Several of the older members I worked with simply use it to supplement Thierry income by working 4-6 hours a day 6 days a week part time doing simple things. This gives them roughly and extra 1500-2000 dollars a month on top of their other jobs. Those who rely only on walmart low level positions are not working hard enough I believe. And yes it's hard for the elderly to live off of and is not healthy for them to work more than one job but most places won't employ them otherwise. Walmart saves the low level income family money through savings. Also sweat shops tend to pay more than the average level of income in most countries, and while child labor is terrible it is better than them starving or selling their bodies. Just my viewpoint, I respect yours. It depends a lot about a persons ideology about economics.
  14. it's possible they will. when i got hired at walgreens i had to take a drug test after the interview. go get some piss off someone before your interview just incase. tell em they might test you so you might need more
  15. I understand and do agree with some of your points like Wal-Mart being a good solution for 19 year olds and the elderly, but i'm viewing it from an aspect of the average 30-35 yearold employee who has 2 or 3 or even more kids. The reason these people rely on Wal-Mart low level positions is not because they aren't working hard enough because anyone working 40hrs a week is working hard, but it's because when a Wal-Mart comes to a town, all of the mom&pop shops are obviated. Big money beats little money any day, all day. I know people will never turn down a good deal which Wal-Mart offers. But at what cost? Hiring illegal immigrants to stay locked in the store for 9+ hours overnight? Not paying employees for overtime? Forcing employees to go on food stamps and welfare because they dont pay enough? Nah, not my cup o' tea.
  16. wow, i was at my buddies house dog sitting so i had plenty of time to get baked and watch it. it really opens your eyes, and makes you think.
  17. Alright so I had to spit in two vials on the spot. I had 3 hits of resin about 18 hours before the test, think i passed, or no?
  18. yuh silly goose
  19. I work for a southern supermarket chain...
    I was interviewed and things went well and like 2-3 days later they called me and told me they needed me in for a drug screening. They were quite flexible with letting me come in any time. It was a saliva test... I passed with flying colors after smoking a week earlier.

    You should be okay buddy

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