Drug Test Next Week

Discussion in 'General' started by RemyKush, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. So I had a post on here a while back, basically my freakout "oh shit do you guys think i will pass?" post. 
    Its just a pre employment screening, so not like I'd go to jail if I failed or anything anyways. But I would really love the job. 
    I hydrated to no end, ate healthy, took vitamins, am drinking Creatine for working out anyways, and exercised starting like Monday this last week. My last tokes were very minimal (hit or two max) and were not this last wednesday and thursday but the week before that.
    Anyways, I was freaking out and I decided to call up a local lab testing center, and got 5 panel lab test done this last thursday that screened amphetamines, cocaine, THC metabolites, opiates, and pcp. I took it about an hour after I woke up, piss was not diluted at all really, very yellow, and not from vitamins.
    I just wanted to know if I should be looking for some clean pee this weekend to sub for mine or not lol.
    Turns out I passed and all were negative, even at 15 ng/ml for the THC metabolites!!
    I could not be more happy that I can just take the piss test myself. I just hope no bullshit happens and it comes out positive lol. 
    Also, can't wait to smoke myself retarded once I pass the test next week.


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