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Drug test next Tuesday...Fuck

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MuncieWeed, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I just found out that I have a drug test next Tuesday at 11am for a job interview, so that will be 7 days clean, since I smoked yesterday morning!
    I'm 5'9" 136lbs, I smoke every one or two days
    I plan on not smoking AT ALL and drinking a fuck load starting now, do I have a shot???

    This is an interview for the only temp service in my town, so if I fail this, I am pretty fucked...
  2. Drink a lot of water and exercise a lot.
  3. You don't need to worry this far out. For someone who smokes all day everyday it takes about three days with hydration. If you just feel like being safe, four days will do you.

    I would also suggest some exercise and possibly cranberry juice.

    Anything that will flush your system will help.

  4. im gunna have to disagree with this it could deffinitely take much longer than 4 days to piss op i say get some niacin tablets at a cvs or somthing drink water and excercise....or you could order quick fix its a synthetic urine you could just dump in the cup and be good to go

  5. I just received my quick fix in the mail..I hope it works!
  6. You're going to get someone not hired/fired spreading information like that.

  7. Your situation sounds real similar to mine. Im not risking it and got quick fix man, I think its possibly your best option at this point. They have overnight shipment and the price is reasonable. Good luck!
  8. Unfortunately that isn't an option for me, as I don't have a credit card or a place to ship it(living with the parents atm)
  9. I guess my real question I have a chance to pass it at all??
  10. This.

    More specifically, read the section on detection time of THC.
  11. A friend of mine smoked about as much as you did, got busted. Had to take a piss test at the end of his alternative measures. He stopped for a week with 4L of cranberry juice for the last two days, and he was fine.
  12. Drink water, you will pass it just fine. I smoke a few times a day, and have gotten clean in 3 days, similar situation to yours.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys, I'm not sure whether i'll pass or not, but I plan on drinking a ton of water and cranberry, doing some serious cardio and giving it the ol' college try

    I might look into substitution as well, but idk

    Wish me luck GC!
  14. thats the spirit
  15. Haha, you gotta exercise a lot with water my man. That's the only remedy.

  16. You can get pre-paid credit cards at CVS. You could ship it to a friend's house. If you think the job is worth $36, you could get a PO Box. There are ways around this. It just depends how much you care and how much you are willing to risk.
  17. Okay, so I just talked to my brother, he is clean and ironically has much experience with substitution since he was in the army, he suggested putting his urine in a condom(i know..), just prior to leaving for the interview and keeping it next to my body, to keep it body temp.
    This seems like a very good option, opinions??
  18. B


    thats exactly what i do, it must be unlubbed, or u can wash it out if u wish. have someone pee into it. tie that motha sucka up. drive the the interview or whatever. slap that thing up on the defrost vents. blast it. THE WHOLE WAY ON HIGH HEAT. unless its like 3 hours lol dont want that shit melting into your defrost vents haha. then use some tape and tape that shit to your leg, i normally do it in a parking lot of some sort. its a big pain in the ass to get a condom open and not dump piss everywhere. I've tried un-tieing it, or poking it with a pin. either way just get it in the cup. and then if it doesnt show up as warm enough. put your mouth real close the the thermometer thing on the cup and start breathing liek u were going to warm a pair of gloves up. DONT go over like 98 or whatever it is.

    Good luck sir! hope this helped

  19. My friend did this today and passed. It was a pre-employment test. I think he used a plastic bag though.

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