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  1. Hey guys, i'm relatively new to this forum although I have always bought from this site and browsed the fourms occasionally, I have decided to finally make an account here on Grasscity! 
    As stated in the title I have a drug test for probation in about a month. I went in on the 13th of March for court and there they urine tested me which will obviously be positive for THC since I am a heavy smoker. They prompted me to come back on the 16th of April for a second drug test.
    My question to you guys is how long do you think it will take for THC to leave my body? The last time I smoked was this sunday, March 16th. I have contemplated using synthetic urine so I can smoke while on probation but determined it would be best for me to practice some self-control and get clean.
    Here is some background: I am 19 years old, 5'11 and 160 pounds. I have been smoking daily for the past 3 years and its something that has turned into a way of life for me. I work out multiple times a week to stay fit and have very little body fat. Since THC is stored in fat I figure I have a relatively good chance of detoxing within this time, however I would like to hear your input Grasscity! 
    Thanks guys, be easy. :smoke:

  2. We are the same height and weight. I got clean from heavy smoking in 18 days. It varies though and may take you longer/shorter depending on many things.
  3. Start sweating and drinking water 
    I bet you'll be solid
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    Well, it varies from person to person but most people will clear a drug test for pot after approximately 3 weeks of not consuming any form of THC. There are a few things that have been said to speed up this process such as:
    Drinking a lot of water
    Using saunas for perspiration (sweating)
    If you stay clean all the way up until the test date, you should be fine.
    Good luck dude.
  5. ive smoked the day before a ua and passed so i think youll be fine bud
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    No do not drink excessive water for a faster detox.  Water only dilutes your urine temporarily . Yes it makes you pee more but most of it is water coming out.  Drink normal amounts of water and exercise. And Drink a diuretic. Tea or coffee is great. 
  7. I put a couple drops of bleach in a big cup of water and passed two probation piss tests.

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  8. So they told you that you had to come in for a drug test in 30 days and you thought it was a good idea to smoke 3 days later?
  9. 30 days should do you just fine. Get yourself a home testing kit from Walmart/CVS/wherever and test yourself the day before just to make sure. Just don't be stupid and try and push your luck.

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