Drug test, is this a pass?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokemate, May 5, 2011.

  1. It's pretty faint, but I guess it counts?

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  2. pretty sure that's a positive. as in failed test
  3. lol damn inaccurate thing
  4. I mean, the line is really faint, but it's there. Idk
  5. my friends did the same thing about a week ago and it did the same faided line. He took 3 of them. All the same.

    2 days later he had the test and failed.

    Try pushing it back another few days. Maybe 5 days
  6. they would probly make you re take it again in which case there may be no line since the first is faint.. ? or could just read wrong if you havent really been smoking?
  7. im guessing faded lines count as fail because if it is not absolute then they are assuming it is because you are not "perfectly clean" which is technically a fail.
  8. Yeah I was hoping that would count as a pass, guess not. I'm glad my test isn't for a week or 2. Gotta sweat some more I guess

  9. how long you been "clean"?
  10. A week and a half today. I ordered a couple of tests off amazon to make sure, I have 2 left, so I'll be able to know for sure when the tests rolls around.

  11. what is your regiment? for example, what are you doing to "help" the process
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    Lots of water and green tea, runnin every day for about 45 min with a sweatshirt on to sweat a bunch. I've heard you can take niacin but I've also heard it's not good for you.

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