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drug test in court?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tazo18, Feb 4, 2009.

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    My brother has a misdimeanor charge for posssesion of marijuana. Will he be drug tested for getting caught with around a g? Plus there is only a 15 day waiting period beetween when he was busted and his court date and Thc can take up to 30 days to clear out so can they really excpect him to pass?? He's wandering if he can still toke up.
  2. Why would they need to drug test you? They know you're a marijuana user.

    If they put you on probation, then you'll probably need to be clean, but if they didn't say anything, don't expect anything.
  3. They can expect you to fail it. just ask for a continuance. say that you havent had a chance to find a lawyer, even when you are not planing to hire one; they wil give you a date a month later or so.

    I dont think they will test you right away. but the thing is, if you are found guilty (or declare yourself guilty) on a drug charge, a condition of your probation will be to do random drug test.
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    this post is actually for my 17 year old bro I'm almost sure he won't be put on probation becuase the officer was cool and said since he handled it well and cooperated that it's just gonna be a slap on the wrist for the misdimeanor.
  5. thats what probation is.. duh. they'll probably give him community service too.

    but he wont be on it for long. probably until he turns 18.
  6. anyone else?
  7. He could avoid probation by taking a few extra days in jail. Thats about it. Sounds like hes going to get community service though.....
  8. No drug test in court, he most likely will either get probation or community service. He's 17 after all, they want to make an example out of him, I highly doubt he will just get a "slap on the wrist" and told to never do it again.
  9. He won't get tested for court, but if he does get put on probation he's going to have to take a test right there in the bathroom after walking out of the courtroom. If it's only been 15 days though and he fails he can always say it's still in his system from 15 days ago, he'll just have to pass the next one.
  10. anyone else?
  11. anyone else? and you guys really think he'll get probation?
  12. Im going through the same thing right now. Typically they dont drug test for misdemeanor charges. At least around here they dont. And no they didnt drug test me my first court date. While on probation they have not drug tested me. None of that shit. He will be paying court fines, and probation fines for awhile, and will have probation. Thats it. not a big deal really, just dont get caught again.
  13. I just got out of court a few days ago for possesion of parapinalia and a small amount of bud (less than a gram) and all I had to do is pay a fine. Same with my friend.

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