Drug test in court?

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  1. I recently just got an MIP at Michigan state university. Will I be drug tested my day of court and what happens if I don't pass. Because I have less than 2 weeks and I smoke everyday so idk if I'd pass even since I'm gonna take a break.
  2. You may and may not. It's up to the judge. Be prepared.
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  3. even if you fail, big deal...no one told you not to smoke...unless its a bail condition...most likely you will be tested if its a possesion charge
    of cpurse its all up to the judge that day
  4. Quite often rather you're clean or not is taken into consideration when it comes to sentencing. being clean sometimes gets you a lesser penalty. So yes quite often the courts do care and the defendant should too.
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    Yep.. on top of that, most times when you post bond it will say as a stipulation of your bond that you swear not to break any laws... doing drugs falls under the category.

    honestly it all depends on your judge. If you fail, the judge isn't going to be happy. How unhappy he is depends on your area and all about the personality of the judge. He might just talk shit to you, give you a warning, tell you to straighten out...Or he can be a complete dick and possibly revoke your bond and throw you in county jail for a little while to prove his point. Either way... if you fail your drug test, the judge isn't going to be happy, and like Killset said it's not going to improve your chances on a lenient sentencing.
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  6. so i been threw the process a few times. it kind of sucks. theres always the paranoia are they going to come get you? violate you for some bullshit. are they going to make a mistake? do you get pulled over with your freinds who could be considered repuable carrector?
    plus you smoke, so you know your violating it everyday
    there was a time i went to court. most times when you go to court it gets draged out
    i wonder whats the point of delaying it so many times?
    so i went, expecting a reset. i got there a few mins after it started, my last name is almost at the end of the alpabet so i always go last, i learned not to get to those things early
    anyways i sat down and it was a somewhat filled court room. i didnt really pay attention but i notiiced as the day went by, there wasnt a lot of people leaving, which is strange.
    anyways i eventually noticed the judge was telling everyone to go and take a ua. now i had smoked a bowl before i left so i knew i was going to fail it
    now that i think about it, i should have done the test anyways, why not
    so when it was my turn i just told the judge i wasnt going to pass his test and not to waist his time with his bullshit, in a respectful way of course

    now before the proceeding i had worked out a somewhat plea deal with my lawyer, so i allready knew i was going to go to jail, but i wasnt sure if it was that day or in a few weeks??
    next time i might try it without the lawyer, might as well try and save the 5 g's
    when you first begin, it seems like the d.a. offers a quick plea deal and thats what usuley ends up happening.
    i would take it and get the whole thing over with
    remember, if they offer you deffered adjudication, you will still have an arrest record...ask your lawyer about that, and expungement
    its going to be a major pain in the ass growing up, i had a felony when i was 17 and that kinda fucked me up with the career path and all that

    its funny when they handcuff you, its like they are trying to rub your face in it
    and off to the back i went. i even wore a nice suit and tie. when i went to the back, there was all types of people, it didnt mather what race you were, or your lawyer, or if you got a job or a student, if they want to put you in jail they will. even beter if you are white

  7. You have 2 weeks. Anyone can pass a piss test with 2 weeks notice. The key is to quit smoking immediately, and drink a shit ton of water and coffee the day of court. Enough to where your bladder is uncomfortably full at all times. You'll be fine. Better safe than sorry.

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  8. I've been arrested more then I can remember. Found guilty of 5 felonies, charged with a few others and I couldn't tell you how many misdemeanors. Been to jail, prison and my lawyer negotiated me out of fed time once. It's foolish to not lawyer up. Especially having been in trouble in the past.

    As far as why court is dragged out could depend on several things. Sometimes it has to do with the investigation, other times it could be while attorneys and the courts hash out the details of sentencing. Could be several reason why it's dragged out.

    And no its not better to be a white criminal. This fn stupidity with skin color has gotten retarded. Not the court systems, the pathetic cry babies that cry about skin color after committing a crime and being caught. Fn pathetic
  9. Buy a detox
    Fake piss kit
    Drink a stupid amount of water (3 Gallons)
    Speed up your metabolism somehow
    Pray to God
    Or.... Just jerk one of and say **** it

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