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Drug test in 6 hours

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cobert, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. okay. i haven't smoked since the 8th. that's 18 days ago. 2 days ago i drank a detox7 drink. i drank one yesterday too. i also took 2 detox pills that came in the box. i drank another detox drink a few minutes ago. for about 4 hours now i've been drinking water and pissing a ton lately. is this a pass? or no? this is a test that will be given to me by my physical.
  2. best way to tell is by the results you get back. sucks, but that's the way it is. sounds like you should have a good chance. i passed one after smoking 3 days prior. i'm crediting that one to either error on the hopitals part or maybe just a miracle.
  3. i passed
  4. Congratz.:hello:
  5. You had to take a DT for a physical? Why would it be a problem if you failed? I don't get it :confused:
  6. probly for a job. also, next time go to your local pharmacy. they have single use u/a tests that are about the same as any you'll get for a physical/probation/parole. not cheap at $30, but you'll be ahead of the game in knowing if you've flushed/abstained enough.
  7. Why would you be worried about a drug test from a physical if you are a legal medical marijuana patient ? Just curious.
  8. I'm thinking it's because he's a minor and is worried that his doctor will tell his mommy and daddy that he smokes pot... :laughing: :D :laughing:

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