Drug test in 48 hours help !!!!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Richy93, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. i need to pass a urine drug test in 48 hours from 4/22/16 excluding weekends. I've been a heavy marijuana smoker for about 7 months now. Anything I can do to pass? Please someone help out and oh yeah I'm 5'8 weighing in at 195 if that helps ..
  2. Not looking good man. Can you get urine from a friend and hand warmers? I had to do that. Tried to get my nephews and felt like a tweekers lol. They forgot to test me and I have been working there for a year. Was literally carrying piss with me for a week.

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  3. Substitute is your best bet. My favorite way to do it is empty out a 2 oz shampoo container get someone to pee in there and then tape that with a hand warmer over my thigh. If they watch your pretty much fucked, I would just dilute then and hope for the best.
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  4. Use someone else's clean urine or synthetic urine. Don't waste your time or money on drinks and pills.

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  5. Lol I might have to go with someone else's piss
  6. Synthetic pee or a clean friend is your only option, I've taken Terminator Gold 60 and passed with daily use and still passed but wouldn't ever really count on that. Check out "The Clean Kit" by the whizzinator.
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  7. ive done both my brothers piss in a bag or buying synthetic. both worked. Id go with synthetic as my brothers bag leaked a little down my leg. that shit sucked.

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