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Drug Test in 4 days

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by jmarshall2, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    I've got a probaiton test in 4 days. I smoked 35 days ago and was wondering if you think I would pass. I only smoked like 4 hits out of a 1 hitter and then 1/4 of a blunt later that night. I'm pretty healthy and workout daily.

    I've been taking cranberry pills and drinking water to help.
  2. how often of a smoker are you?

  3. Before that I was completely clean for 90 days.
  4. I passed a test about two weeks ago, then failed one earlier today. Both take home. Should I trust these? I'm pretty sure I should be clean. I'm 6'1 190 pretty athletic if that helps. Don't eat much sugar either.
  5. Anyone help please? With the question about the take home tests?
  6. Bump again. Kind of urgent.
  7. Good luck
  8. Are you more skinny or fat?
  9. Considering it was over a month ago you should be safe dude, especially if you were clean for so long before. Drink alot of water and piss like a motherfucker, should help clean you out.
    Good luck with probation.
  10. What the fuck. Obviously

  11. I'm pretty built. I don't have perfect abs or anything but I'm in pretty great athletic shape. Do a bit of cardio and quite a bit of lifting. I've got quite a bit of muscle definition.

    Btw I fuck with the KLVN
  12. Don't worry I've passed a drug test when I smoked about 3 week before taking it....... I smoked everyday about 2 grams a day .....I didn't work out besides playing x box and drinking beer if u consider that a a work out which I do so don't worry If I passed u'll pass to
  13. You should be fine, just drink a lot of cranberry juice before the test you'll pass easy

    That's wassup 2.7.5 haha
  14. Chances are you will fail and will go to jail and be ass-rammed by bubba. Smoke like 4 bowls right before the test to detoxify yourself.

    Ever heard of google? This question has been answered 3456784321356884355774332 times.
  15. Nah u sound clean and if u still worry if u know anyone that's a nurse or works in a hospital ask them to get a a drug test so u can make sure.

    I did I came out for pcp and weed I'm glad I checked cause I got some laced shit
  16. pass easily. if you're a heavy smoker the longest it will take to leave your system is 30-32 days. you said you were clean for 90 days before so you would have been able to pass a drug test 3-4 weeks ago.
  17. Failed one today? Yeah i'd be worried. Start drinking lots of water and working out now.
  18. Buy another test. If you smoked once 35 days ago, it's unlikely but you said you failed a test today. Buy another. Than start making your plans. Drink. Drink. Sweat, sweat. Spa, sana.

    I gotta say people shouldn't smoke on probation. With that said, I'm smoking and I don't have a job. So I cant really preach. Only thing is I won't go to jail.

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