Drug test in 4 days help?

Discussion in 'General' started by Zhaemia, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Hey I have been smoking literally everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry god dam day (guilty) for the past two years and I have a drug test at sears. How can I clean my system in four days ?
  2. You legitimately have two options if you'd like to try and pass;

    1.) Get some clean urine from a friend a few hours before your test and use that.
    2.) Purchase one of the reputable detox kits from your local headshop (they are usually priced in the $40-$75 range), and hope it works. Some of them have clauses that state they will repay you up to 3x the amount invested if you can PROVE that you failed a drug test. I've heard conflicting results about a lot of these detox kits and cant say for sure myself if they work or not.. but there has been too many positive things written about them over their history to think that none of them work.

    Thats it, there is nothing more you can try or do so don't phish for extra results. You will not get clean in 4 days from any holistic types of shit like chugging water or niacin and all this here-say stuff. You would have had to be doing that for atleast a week or two to have any shot at something like that working; and even then I'd imagine you'd just wind up with a diluted sample and usually drug testers count those as a failure because they are not idiots and have seen all of these methods before.
  3. Brah your fucked. If you were looking for a job why didn't you stop smoking and clean yourself up?

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  4. Get some quick fix at a head shop, make sure it's the Canadian version (no US flag) so it contains the uric acid
  5. You can substitute pretty easily...I just did it this week at a Quest Diagnostics. You need a travel size plastic container (CVS, Walgreens), hand warmers, and a temperature strip. About an hour before the test, rubber band the hand warmer to the bottle, and before you go in to the collection site put it in your pants (I used compression shorts that had a pocket in the front for a cup, it went right in there). They shouldn't observe you for a pre-employment drug screen so once your in the bathroom just pour it in the cup, make sure the temperature is between 90-100*. If it's too hot just swirl it a little and blow on it, it will cool pretty quickly.

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