Drug Test in 19 days! (Help)

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    I weigh 143 pounds roughly. About 6 foot. Have a fast metablism, but don't excercise. I smoked today plan on quiting tomorrow. (Before today ,I have been smoking daily for about half a year now. In total smoked for about 2 years now.) The test is Feburary 12th. I'm in a Diversion Program. (1st offense) Getting drug tested randomly throughout 12 weeks. Already went through a few weeks. Will I pass?
    Any more info will be supplied if needed.
  2. go take a look in the apprentice tokers forum and there is a sticky which tells you everything you need to know about passing drug tests

    and from personal experience, drink a lot of water and excersice and you should be ok

  3. I don't think that is a option because supposley they watch you. If they don't watch me after the first drug test .Im going to susbstitute.
  4. Alright, thanks man.
  5. Every drug test I got I just got someone clean to piss in like prescription bottle. Put it in your crotch even if they're watching you unless they got their eyes on your dick you should be able to pour the piss in the bottle and the rest in the toilet...worked for me everytime, gotta be slick though. joke around and stuff having your acting on point.
  6. run every night and every morning. do 25 pushups after every half mile. and drink lots of water eat lots of watery fruits.
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    Hey dude! I myself am 152 pounds and 6'2" so we are basically the same height/weight. Fast metabolism aswell. I got caught the 10th Jan with a buddy. We both got put on a Diversion program like you. I smoked ALOT like you for 2months straight up until the day I got caught. I smoked the thursday night, THAT NEXT thursday 7am I went to get tested and lady asked me "When was the last time you smoked?" I said 7 days ago wondering wtf? She then told me I came out clean, my buddy though didn't and we always smoked with each other and every other weekly test after that so far.

    Sooooo you got a LOT of time still. exercise up until 2 days before the test then eat alot of junk food so your body can stop releasing fat(to keep more thc going into your piss because it sticks to body fat). 3Hours before the test: Drink glasses of water like crazy, Piss 2-3 times (don't over do it, trust me) before the test. You should be pissing clear by now. Then drink another SHIT LOAD of water(15-20mins before the test) and hold it in. It should be so diluted that it comes out clean. Plus I think ull pas anyway coz ur skinny and have a fast metaboli like me.

    If I can do it in 7 days without doing anything, you wil surely be able to pull it off in 19 days with preparation. Don't be stupid and smoke again! Stay clean.

    GL HF. (btw if u want ur piss to be yellow theres a vitamin pill B-something u can drink with the last few glasses of water then they wont expect u of trying to cheat the test)

    I myself am staying clean until 31 March then this is all over for me:)
  8. drink muscle milk bro im telling u my frinend he would smoke then stop a week before he had to drop and drink muscle milk droped clean every time and passed out of classes
  9. 19 days you should be good, drink a gallon of water everyday for about 15-16 of the days, and then if your piss isnt yellow by the time its nearing to take it,(they could get suspicious) take vitamin b's .

    i've also heard of a gelatin called sur-gel you mix in with some water in a bottle and drink before a hour before the test, and i guess it coats your stomach or something and traps the thc when you piss, i have read tons of stories on the net of people swearing they smoked the night before and passed with it.
  10. this post and the post above it by kenneth is all that you need to know. Just exercise, drink a lot of fluids but don't over do it, and piss a lot. Stop all exercise about 2-3 days before testing and just continue drinking lots of fluids and pissing a lot.

    When I was detoxing I was clean in a week and a half using that regimine. I was drinking a lot of Vitamin Water too, the orange and yellow i believe with B2 or B12.

    Good luck, you'll be fine.
  11. More than likely you'll be fine bro.
  12. Well thank you for all the positive posts! :hello:
    But I've decided to just substitute. I've heard from at least 3 ppl now that they don't watch you AT ALL. So I should be in the clear. I alrdy found a friend rdy to piss for me. And my test falls on a friday, so i'll just get the urine from him on school that day. All is well, still slitghly nervous but i'll be fine. After that, it's random. So I'm buying "Quick Fix" and having that saved until my guy calls me asking for me to come in for a test. Get it rdy and go in.
    If anyone else has anything postivite to say or anything about "Quick Fix" post it here for info for me. :D
    Thanks blades! :gc_rocks:
  13. Thanks for the bro advice, Bro Montana.

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