Drug test help!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by dtrip, May 7, 2006.

  1. The last time I smoked was MOnday night the 1st of May.....I took my drug test Sat. 6 I drank alot of water at least a gallon or more a day and some Green tea... I also went to the gym and did alot of Cardio and sweated my ass off in the sauna.....I am 180 pounds....do you guys think I will pass ....?????
  2. being a nurse, I am going to guess "no" It usually takes 14 days, with no help, to rid your body of the THC. The new tests that are used now are VERY sensitive and detect even the smallest amount, or any help you have used to mask it. You can hope for an inconclusive result if you waterlogged your system and they may have you do it over? Let's hope Im wrong eh! Good luck!
  3. Well I hadn't smoked for 2 weeks before the 1st....do you think that one night will show up? The test was not done in a lab either it was just a reg. doctors office.
  4. Sounds like you should be fine, but are you really gunna trust the internet?
  5. when do you get to know the results? I think that if you didnt have anything for 2weeks prior to the first you SHOULD be ok but...it also depends on how good the stuff you smoked on the 1st was. That may have shot your THC level right back up? I hope it all works out ok for ya.
  6. mids it was ok stuff got the job done
    What about all the sweating I did doesen't that clean your system

  7. It helps.

    My question for you is why are you so hyped up about it? Since you already took it, just relax until you get your results. If someone said "no, you won't be clean" what can you do about it anyway? Chill, my friend.
  8. nah your right ....its just that this is a pretty good job and I don't won't to lose it ......I guess I just wanted some reasurance that it wil be fine...I am just bumed out about it and cann't wait for the results
  9. uh.. 5 days is cutting it pretty short, i'm on probation.. I always quit 14-16 days, and the few days before the test I excesive alot and drink water.

    I've never passed a drug test in less than a week

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