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Drug Test Help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. alright, i've decided to use a friends computer on this one since I don't have access to a computer at home untill next week (hopefully).

    Now I know this topic has came up many times, but im just wondering from any new members as well as seasoned tokers about ways that I could pass a drug test for a job, not a good one but more like a part time job at Best Buy or Target. So it'll be a basic drug test and im just wondering what can I take or use to pass this simple test. I heard from someone that they took one of those detoxifying products and wheat grass (which i heard from the same source cleans out your system). Any other suggestions and does anyone know which ones work and which ones don't as well as expieriance with these tests and being able to pass them. Im worried sh'tless cuz I need a job soon, but don't know how to get one since I keep smoking up, and I know theres got to be a perfect way to pass these tests without quitting weed.

    Well anyways, i'll be back soon to the city on a daily basis, hopefully this weekend.
  2. All drug tests products tell you to lay off for at least 48 to 72 hours prior to taking the test.

    That's the hard part I know.

    Try the GNC store at the mall. They have the products there and they can give you an idea. Nubbin had some good advice. Pm him and ask him.
  3. While your waiting to get hired or drug tested, I suggest you workout a few times a week, drink water and/or cranberry juice daily. Now if you need to pass it and you know you'll test positive for THC, than buy Ready-Clean by Detoxify products. It works.

    I don't know about the wheat grass, but they if your going to use Ready-Clean get those 2 herbal tablets that help flush your system out.
  4. i personally have never taken a drug test but i hear drinkin a bottle of prune juice it will clean u right out. ive heard tons of other shit but this sounds the cheapest and the easiest.
  5. Drink freakin' tons of water, juice, whatever. Run if you want. Hardcore system dilution with liquids works like a damn charm. Lots of those detoxifying agents just dilute your system and say it was the "hoogi boobi bean extract" that did it.

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