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Drug Test Help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Spitfire44, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. First of all let me say I have searched for some threads about it and the first
    write up says
    -take over the counter pills that clean out your systems

    the second says...
    -dont believe anything about taking pills...

    heres my complicated situation...
    I have smoked heavily for months, so I know there are plenty of canabinoids in my system.
    I am skinny and have a decent metabolism but i dont want to go burn fat because im not trying to get any skinnier at all.
    I would obviously prefer to smoke before this, taking a month off probably won't happen...

    I am thinking this will work...
    -two weeks before the test try to lose some weight and eliminate some shit from my system
    -one week before test eat my ass off and try to add new fat that doesnt have anything bad in it
    -two days before take two of those pills, drink a lot, piss a lot...
    -day of test drink a lot and dont burn any fat.

    this will be tested at a rehab center that was recommended by the police, who are making me have the test. I am thinking they will probably run a pretty throrough test.

    This is the result of a disorderly conduct, Im getting no charges i just have to have a 'drug and alcohol evaluation' done and then i am good to just thinking if there is weed in my history i might not be good to go until it is out of my system. is this how it tends to work with these things??

    thanks for any help
  2. Think about this. Is it really worth it? It sounds like if you pass then you get out of trouble with the police with nothing on your record, but if you fail you might not be as lucky. You might be able to do what you're talking about and smoke the whole time and pass, who knows maybe you'll pass. But if you don't it sounds like you might be in some deep shit. Just think about it for a minute.
  3. Wow... You very well may need rehab if you can't even take essentially a T-break for one month to pass this test. Honestly you should quit for that one month, take the test, get the charges dropped, and go on with your life...

    If you end up testing positive you do know you are going to be in a whole heep of trouble you could have otherwise avoided yes?

    Edit:Also there is no way you searched properly and did not answer your own question... I got over 100 threads relating to passing a drug test, and i know there are more. Not trying to be a dick or anything, just letting you know you may want to re-search because you'll find some pretty well established threads out there on the topic.

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