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Discussion in 'General' started by RastaNeno, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I have to take a drug test at a Concentra clinic and my only 3 options are substitution, quick fix synthetic urine, or niacin. 
    My concerns are if i use my gfs urine would birth control show up and they would fail me for being a male? Does quick fix show up on concentra tests as non human urine leading to a fail? And does niacin work? Or any detox pill/drink for that matter? 
    Im just really stressing over this because i really need this new job! thanks in advance everybody! smoke on!  :bongin:

  2. Lol they wont look for the birth control if its for a job, unless its a government job? i heard niacin does work just have to plan 3 days ahead with that. Your best bet is substitution, try to find someone else that has clean piss. 
    But heres what really works: drink some water with baking soda one tablespoon(parachute it if you must) then drink a bunch of water like a half gallon. then piss like two times, then drink a rockstar or anything with B vitamins and hold it until you have to take the test. Thats so the pee can be colored. Remember to use the middle of your stream and all that. 
  3. lol its for pepboys so the test has department of transportation regulations. my gf has clean piss but the birth control part was a bit iffy for me. my boy said i could get some of his he said last time he smoked was a month and a half ago but hes also very fat lol so idk how fast his body got rid of the thc  
  4. How long in advance did you know about this job? If you were serious when you applied you would of quit then
  5. i found out about the job monday applied yesterday and got called today for my interview tomorrow
  6. Well I guess you gotta cheat then, if it's like the one I just took it only tests for illegal drugs and they test it right in front of you

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