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Drug Test Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Muta, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I know this is a repetitive topic, and I've posted in the other threads but haven't received much feedback.  Any opinions or tips is greatly appreciated.
    Anyways, I have a drug test Tue. June 4th and last smoked on April 27th.  It will have been 37 days clean by test day but I'm still worried since I can hardly see any sort of line on home tests.  I am 5'9, 165, not fat but not ripped.  I haven't exercised the most, got a good workout on Friday and Saturday, but stopped since some have said to stop working out close to test day.  I smoked like 1-2 grams a day before I stopped. (crazy to think about after a month+ off)
    I plan to drink a steady amount of water, green tea, cranberry juice tomorrow and will drink a steady amount of water test day as well as take 4 aspirin.  I have taken a creatine supplement tonight and ate a bit of red meat as well.
    My questions revolve around dilution and detox masking agents.  I know they sell masking detox drinks and am inclined to take one for insurance.  I have heard they test for these and don't want to fuck it all up if I'm clean.  I was also going to take a B vitamin to bring back the piss color and was wondering if they check creatine levels and gravity levels only if the piss looks suspicious.  It is a premployment test that will happen at a lab.
    Anyone who can help or even took the time to look at this thread, I appreciate you.

  2. Yes labs will look at creatine levels and will most likely know that you diluted. You might be clean but it's really a grey area. You can't stop by your LHS tomorrow morning and buy synthetic? Although THC usually takes a month to leave you system, smoking 2gs a day will take longer. For a lab test I think synthetic is your best bet.
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    Thanks man, and synthetic piss is pretty safe if you bring it to the right temp?
    Also you think the creatine supplement and red meat will probably have no effect?
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    Well if your test is tomorrow it's a little to late. It's good to start Creatine and red meat like 4-5 days before. But yeah synthetic will work if you get it to the right temp. Get up bright and early and go to your LHS's and look for some. I recommend quick fix.
    And if worse comes to worst and you have to use your own try to make it like the 4th piss of the day. 1st has the most THC and each one after has a tiny bit less. And start peeing in the toilet then go in the cup mid stream then finish in the toilet. Most THC is released at the beginning and end of the urine flow.
  5. It's Tuesday and I could hopefully find some synthetic at my local headshop.  Do you think detox drinks are a nono too?  I thought with the amount of time, dilution, and maybe a detox drink I would be in the clear.  If i go the synthetic route how risky is the temperature maintenance?  They say to microwave it, use the heater, and it should be betweem 90-100.  Even if the piss is in the low 90s should a lab be suspicious?
  6. I also have read that they now have tests that can detect synthetic piss (it lacks an amino acid or something).  I could probably get clean piss from a friend, what do you think about that?
  7. Oh sorry man I'm thinking it's like 11pm and it's gonna be the 4th in an hour. When its really 3am here ahahha my bad.
    Umm I never tried detox drink but I've heard it's hit or miss with them with how well they work. 94-100 degrees and you'll be okay. Use a hand warmer to keep it warm, wear tight briefs and once you are there put it under the sack before you go in. It should be good.
  8. If you can get clean piss then do that. Put it inside one of those small travel size hotel shampoo bottles, or a pill bottle but be careful they can leak lol. Then just do the hand warmer thing I said above.
  9. If I get it today it won't go stale or anything by tue?  It's 2:30 am Mon. here.
  10. No just try to get it as late as possible and store it in the fridge.
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    Any way to buy temp strips to test for the right temp if i get clean piss?
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    Not sure. Check out Wal Mart I'm sure they exist. Try one of those old school thermometers with the the mercury that are used for taking body temps.
  13. Okay...i am 6'2 185 lbs...i took a hair test today. They took underarm hair. I smoked on average an eigth a week for the past year. Stoped smoking april 7. Immediately shaved all bpdy hair. Waited 30 days and shaved all my body hair again. I mean everything lol. I used muccujo twice yesterday on armpits. Then used malibu 2000 crystal gel on it and did miccujo on it again. This morning i did muccujo again and then used freshair treatment before the test. The hair was a little under an inch since it had only been growing for about 25 days. Do u think this hair was clean?
    LOL goddamn i hope so.  Hopefully no one was smoking around you. 
    I ended up goin with my own piss lol, we'll see what happens.

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