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Drug Test Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OneFlyFatGuy, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. So to make a long story short I got in trouble. My lawyer said it'd be smart to stop smoking and join one of those programs that monitors my piss for the next month. However this is NOT COURT ORDERED. So i took my first piss test wednesday (two days ago) and wasn't supposed to smoke after that. Unfortunately i smoked two blunts (about a gram) yesterday and another half gram today. I used to smoke about an eighth a day of HQ nugs for the last 2 years up until the day of my test so I know my THC levels are extremely high. My next test is in like another 4-5 days. Will my THC levels still drop even tho I'm still smoking? I mean from an entire 3.5 grams to a .5 gram is a huge difference. I'm just trying to wean myself I suppose but it's hard. In all honesty I'll probably still smoke .5 gram every day or two otherwise I'll have no appetite, focus, drive, etc. If I took niacin and drank a lot of water and cranberry juice for the 2 days before a test would my levels appear to be lower? I know you have to exercise and what not to make you sweat out the THC and I ride BMX like 2-3 hrs a day so that's not a problem I just need my levels to drop to give the appearance that I'm no longer smoking. Also what is that ghetto wizzanator called? my brother had the real wizzinator but sold it, I considered buying one but they're like $100 id rather not buy that right now but I've seen a cheaper version of it, just can't remember the name. Anyway thx for your help..


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