Drug Test Help Please Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by CharlesThe1337, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Okay guys! I got some friends pee (after failing an at home drug test) and gooched it. It was in a plastic container that I got with the drug test to pee in. But I got there and there was something wrong with the perscription so I had to wait around for like 15 minutes! And since I didn't have tighty whities it was in my pocket for the about half of the 15 minutes, the other half I went out to my car to resolve the problem where I could cross my legs. So I went back and poured it and shit, kinda shook it around. Everything went smoothly with the transfer, its just that I'm afraid that the temperature won't be correct. Comments?
  2. I really hope you're not being watched while you "piss". Here's how I helped a friend pass a test with my piss. I pissed in an M & M's mini tube, and he put the tube in a "hand warmer" of some type. I didnt see it, but thats what he said. He then tied the tube onto his belt, under his shirt with the aid of a Lighter Leash if I recall correctly. Needless to say, he got the job. By the way, Niacin sucks donkey balls. just makes you all itchy and shit.
  3. No, I don't get watched at this place, I'm not on probation. Its more of my parents hating pot and if I want them to pay for my college I need to pass (don't say don't smoke pot then. I've thought about that situation alot.).

    Yeah I'm just worried about the temperature not being on the right level or something because I ran into like a 15 minute delay. I just put the pee jar in a box thing with a door and a door on the other side. Nobody took it out immediatley so I'm hoping they just let it sit there for a sec and don't really record the temperature. My friend said that he took one and they watched, sealed it and recorded the temperature immediatley.
  4. Good news! I got my wisdom teeth out today and my parents won't test me for a week or so since I'm taking drugs that will show up (they dont' realize that it can see what kind you have in you). That is, if I fail it due to the temp issue. What do yall think, is temperature really that important?
  5. I just came up with another idea! The paper in which my test results are presented on appears to be just a regular sheet of paper, could I photoshop it and make it seem to be a legit document? I'm 18 so my parents need my consent to see it, I'm going to be picking it up from the place. I really don't see how it couldn't work. Comments?

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