Drug Test Help Please Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by CharlesThe1337, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hi, I know there are like a million drug test threads but I just found out I have a lab test tomorrow and made this thread out of panic!!!! and I've been smoking ALOT for about a month now everyday, they sort of sprung this test on me. Do any detoxes work that I buy at headshops? What should I do? PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Hard one..
    Go buy a jar of niacin and pop em like skittles. Don't sleep all night, drink water and pray you dont over-detox. Ain't much to do I'm afraid.
  3. go buy a gun, you cant fool labs, theyll make you come back if your creatine levels are off and if your pee is too dilute
  4. ok if its urine i can help you. or if its saliva or blood.

    Urine - Buy a detox drink,and buy the smallest topuhware container you can from Vons (or any supermarket) and fill it half way with bleach. when you go to have your drug test before you go in put your finger in the bleach and let it dry on your finger. when you go to do your test if they arent watching use that finger with the dried bleach on it to stir it. the bleach will kill all thc in it. and you can also bring the bleach in your jacket pocket just in case if they dont watch you can put your finger in it again for more bleach

    Saliva- detox drink
    Hair - your fucked
    Blood- hope the detox drink will do it.

    and drink lots of water and excersise all night long. no joke just sweat all night . and when you go to sleep turn the heat up so you will sweat in your sleep... :smoke:

    hope this helps...
  5. People can be so misinformed about drug tests

    Green ganja please please explain to me how bleach would kill thc?? Where on earth did you even get this idea?

    To the poster, you didnt provide too much information but based on what you did provide I would suggest to you two options. One, dilute your urine with water and a drink like gatorade. You will NOT pass doing this, however, the water will dilute your urine enough for the test to come back inconclusive, and the gatorade/juice will give it some color so at the lab it doesnt look like you pissed clear. Or, the only way to pass in your situation, is to substitute. Now You did not mention wether this will be supervised or not so this might not be an option, but if you are not supervised, it is your BEST bet. Here is a link to a thread I posted in a while ago with elaborate instructions on passing with a subsitution. If you cannot find a friend to piss, you may be able to pick up QuickFix synthetic urine from a headshop near by. It is your best bet my stoner friend.

  6. Not much you can do. Did you know the test was coming up in the month? Did you apply anywhere recently? If you did then your retarded and you deserve to fail. Your pretty much screwed. Detox DOESNT work, THC is in your fat cells so there isnt really anything to do unless you can get a friend to piss for you and you tape it to ur gooch to keep it body temp. Search to find that thread but not much else you can do.
  7. Flaming is not tolerated here, so this is a warning. And for heaven's sake, don't tell him to buy a gun! What kind of advice is that?
  8. 1) to answer this i mguessing since bleach is a cleaning device it has some form of chemical or substance that breaks down substances so the fact that it breaks down substances is one.

    and 2) the owner of a smoke shop in my hometown told me he did this the day after he smoked. maybe you should buy a drug test and try it...

  9. i think you are reaching even further up your ass to try and cover up the other line of bullshit that came out of there.

  10. I have actually heard of using bleach, that doesnt mean ot works though, but I have drank a ton of water and passed, and more recently though i drank alot of water till my piss is clear and my creatine levels came back dilute so I had to repiss. but the point is u can drink a ton of water and get a dilute but u will have bought some time to do a proper body flush. and if u get clean piss warm it up and tape it 2 ya cause they check the temps on the bottle.. good luck dude
  11. Well, thank you for the SERIOUS answers. I'm sorry I didn't specify, this is a urine test that for the last two times, has not been supervised (not for job). I went out tonight and bought a Ready Clean Detox kit (brand name may be Detoxify?) and some pills made by the same people. I have Niacin, AZO's, Asprin, and alot of water. Has anyone ever used my kind of detox before? I'll try to find a picture of it, but its the XXTRA CLEAN kind. Lol. I've thought about having a clean friend pee in a condom for me, but tonight I also herd that even by stashing it down there it may not be able to stay warm enough. Comments? Thank you to all the replies people I really appreciate it.
  12. Oh and also say I use pee from a friend thats clean. If he's black and I'm white do you think that would make a difference? Or can they only tell/test up to if its male of female pee?
  13. No black 2 white has nothing 2 do with anything now a females it would b possible alot easier because of hormones, but a dude, ur cool as long as u know hes clean
  14. Ohh ya and the solution to the warmth is take hot like nearly boiling water with u when u get there toss the bottle of piss in the hot water 4 like 20 seconds then take it out it. The water heated up a little bit, dont go crazy with putin in the water, but it will heat up and b warm when u go in -- u need to figure out how long water will stay a certain temp and so on, i did, it was a pain but u can do it.
  15. search for the thread titled: How to Pass a Drug Test if you Smoke Cannabis. IT has everything in it.
  16. Cool, cool. Just ate 500mg's of Niacin, 4 Asprin, and 2 pre-cleanse pills that I got with the detox. Anyone ever try any detox drinks from headshops??? Thanks Kranko
  17. just thought id ask if in Canada they make you take drug tests? And goodluck with your test, hope you ace it!
  18. Can't help you buddy, I'm from texas :wave:
  19. lol, niacin is the last thing you want right now. First of all it has to be NON flush-free niacin. NON flush free niacin is hard to find.

    Secondly, niacin makes your cells go into overdrive and your metabolism increases. When your metabolism increases the THC that was stored in your fat gets sent to the kidneys and you pee it out.

    So basically you just worsened your chances of passing.

    In your case, I would reccomend substituting clean urine.
  20. Oh shit. Thanks Alpha. Do you think they would reabsorb or whatever by this morning? or is it still bad?

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