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drug test for walmart- am i safe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by EmbraceTheMartian, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. soon i'm going to have to take a piss test for a job, and I just wanted to see if anyone else knows what kind of piss test they give you. basically, if they use some expensive drug test for their employees i'm going to have to use plan b and dilute my piss by drinking a shitload of fluids and a b12 to keep the colour, as well as a creatine suppliment to keep my protien levels at a somewhat normal looking range for the test. i imagine they don't use a very expensive test as they test everyone they hire. also, any advice or tips would be helpful. although i haven't smoked in over a week now, and I've been smoking normally .5 of dankies per day if that, i'm worried i may be in trouble if i'm going to pass naturally. spend at least 3 days a week sweating my ass off all day for work and my metabolism's pree high since my job is physically demanding and i eat small meals multiple times a day.. any help?? much appreciated.
  2. It's probably just a dip stick test which isn't all that hard to beat. 
    Go online and order something called Omni Cleanse maximum strength or something like that.  It's going to be a small bottle of liquid and 2-4 pills.
    Follow the instructions and drink a shit ton of water after taking it and try to pee at least 4-6 times before the test.
  3. I'd think drug testing would cut a huge chunk out of the Wallmart potential employee pool.  Bad managment IMO..
  4. Wal-mart, Target, all of them drug test potential hires. Makes zero sense. 
  5. they just do one DT for entry you'll never get another one. not sure if this is what you asked but you can fake this piss test that's what everyone around my area who works at walmart and similar places does.
  6. Wallmart, and drug test come up a lot around here..
  7. Walmart uses a standard lab test like 95% of the other companies out there.

    Quick test, or stick test, actually cost more and aren't often used. Its cheaper to have samples sent to the lab in bulk and run through a machine.
  8. With unemployment hitting near 10% in many areas there is no shortage of job applicants. Your average Walmart has hundreds on file they can call. Drug testing is more about insurance and government compliance.
  9. my mom just got a job there and she had to go to the hospital for a piss test. 

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