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Drug test for Phyciatrist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Romalian06, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. :DI need to take a drug test for my phsyciatrist. I go next monday, which will make the tenth day in a row of not smoking. ( I was an everyday toker). The question is is this enough days to pass? Ive been drinking ALOT of water. I cant delay the test any longer.
    As I suffer from bad anxeity. have been for years. Any help would be better than no help. (obviously)
  2. Good luck. You should maybe invest in a whizzinator.
  3. You dont think ten days is enough? And I did have some synthetic but I let my cuz use it for work. Maybe im too nice.
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    Why not let your psych know you smoke? Not like he'll call the cops on you. If you're suffering from anxiety or any other mental health issues you should be completely honest with him/her so they can help you
  5. Be upfront with your psychiatrist, just be honest and tell her. I take it you're living with your parents, and this can be a problem if you're positive. Work it out with your psych. and explain how important it is to be clean for your parents, show her you really care about "changing" and she should be more than cooperative. She may even extend the date of the test...
  6. Is this for some form of court ordered eval? Otherwise, you don't have to let your psych doc drug test you if you do not wish to be drug tested, you have the right to refuse any test or proceedure.

    He's just a doctor, not your parole officer.:)
  7. I know I dont have to take it but I need to so Hell put me on something that works. They cannot treat pateints that have things in there system like "drugs". Thats why I dont wanna put it off anymore. Can someone tell me if 10 days is long enough for it to come back negative. Thanks alot for the replys so far..:wave: ( its not court ordered, Im doing this for me.)
  8. Just admit you smoked a lot of pot.
  9. Depends on how much flubber you have on your ass. If you're skinny, you could pass if you worked out (and I mean you PUT THE FUCK OUT) and sweat so much that you have to swim back to your house every single day up to the test.

    Please don't drink water like that. It doesn't do a damn thing, and it could kill you (no shit, google it). Plus your piss will be diluted when you take it and they will know right there.

    What you want to do is sweat and burn fat. Lots of it. Before you take the test, you should be so sore that you have to roll yourself out of bed onto your floor and crawl to your car.
  10. Good thinking. Everbody says to drink lots of water. But yea guess ill sweat a bunch.
  11. the drug test is only meant for them to see what ur on, assuming u have drug related problems
  12. How do you know this , if you dont mind me asking. I dont have drug problems. I just smoke herb.

  13. Well first off is the therapy court ordered?

    If it's court ordered then you should just de-tox.

    If it is not court ordered then you have a right to say that you do not want drug tested.

    If you live with you're parents, there is talking privlages between you and you're therapist, and you are afraid of them finding out that you denied the test or failed... Then all you have to do is say to you're therapist or whatever, that you do not want them talking to you're parents anymore.

    Simple as that. Unless you're rights were taken away from you and given to you're parents or you are court ordered, you can at any time, tell a therapist to stop talking to anyone. Even the insurance company.
  14. well did u get into any trouble?

  15. Its not court ordered. Im doing this for myself because of my severe anxeity problems. I need to be on something that helps me with it. I dont know if the phyciatrist will treat me if I have weed in my system. The drug screen is mandatory. I need help with my problems wich is why im seeing the therapist. My phsyciatrist appointment is in 1 week.:confused:( my therapist only talks to me, Im 20yrs old.)
  16. There should be no reason why they would not treat you because you smoke cannabis. If they do, find another therapist. Plenty other more informed fish in the sea regarding therapists but finding one that you actually jive with can be a long drawn out process.
  17. Very true. Its been almost a year since I went "public" so to speak, and still nothing.:(
    My therapist once asked me if I did smoke pot and me not being a closet smoker I said yea. Then she rambled on about how marijuana is proven to kill brain cells. I was like whoa, whoa, whoa. Gonna have to stop ya there.:D

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