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drug test for opiates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fountaincityman, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. My doctor out of the blue ordered a random pee test to see if I was on opiates. I guess this is now standard procedure for his clients who were on opiates in the past, part of the governmental crackdown on drug abuse. My pee will be clean for opiates but I've blazed everyday for the last two weeks. What do you think the doctor can do once he finds the high levels of THC? Am I screwed, can he refuse to see me in the future because I did not divulge I was smoking weed?
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    This is concerning. He had no right to drug test you without consent or a good reason- a new prescription is needed. If he just tested for what you said you are fine. He has to specifically test for THC or use a combination test. I don't know the ramifications of the test. I do know I would find a new doctor! He had no right to test you if he's not prescribing to you. Again, please find a new doctor. Did he ask your permission to test? This is disturbing stuff and an invasion of your privacy.
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  3. Doctors can't release any information without written consent. Unless it's subpoenaed by a judge. I wouldn't worry.
  4. While I don't think anything would come of him finding thc, I agree that him asking for a test out of the blue is sketch.
  5. Any doctor who is treating you can ask for a urinalysis. When you sign a consent for treatment that is part of the deal. With the government cracking down on opiate use doctors who regularly prescribe opiates are under increased scrutiny. I live in a medical marijuana state so the chances of me catching legal problems is slim, but I am concerned because I don't have a medical marijuana card; it is cheaper to buy off the local dealers.

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