Drug test for nursing school in 3-4 weeks. 87 pounds, 4'10" will I pass?

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    I am an extremely heavy user and have been for the past 2 - maybe 2.5 years. I recently stopped smoking 4 days ago. I have a very fast metabolism, as I dont gain much weight even if I am smoking a lot. Last year for about 11 months, I smoked 7 or so grams a day and within the past 6-7 months I have smoked 3+ grams a day, it varies. Im not very active but willing to do whatever it takes to get me to pass my drug test in these upcoming weeks as it is for my future. How can I/will I be able to pass my drug (piss) test? I'm about 87-88 pounds and 4'10". I'm very petite. I've already quit. What is the best way to get the THC out of me?
  2. what sort of drug test?

    Siliva- yes.
    Piss test- touch and go..if a heavy smoker for that many years id say- no
    Hair test- no
  3. Its a piss test. But I'm only 87 pounds. So I barely have any fat on me.
  4. Damn someone's grumpy.... must be the hormones.... either way I think youll be clean personally pretty small individual I couldn't see it sticking to you that long.

    Grow journal
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  5. eat/drink things with antioxidents in them.

    never heard of anyone having to take a drug test for school.
  6. A quarter a day?

    Alright, then...

    Op, you've likely got a ways to go.
  7. Lol substitute with a friends clean piss. Or try to exercise and sweat a lot for the next few weeks and buy an at home test and test yourself a couple days before to see if you're clean.
  8. Go and take a test a few days before so you have time to get the results. If you pay for the test you will be the only one to get the results. You will know for sure if you can pass or not and decide what to do then. The test is cheap enough that it is worth the cost to know. Do not use a home test kit to check. Pay for the lab test to be sure.
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    OP is the same exact size my wife is. My wife used to be sensitive about her size and like OP she would get upset when someone said something she could misconstrue as a criticism but she finally grew out of it. Now she realizes being so small is good. Lighten up OP.
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  10. Ah I really could of worded my first post better I just didn't really proof read or add anything to make it seem like I was joking around versus being serious... lol I understand there are small adults and shit being tall isn't great at all... just leads to back problems

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  11. Synthetic urine and substitute it for your own. Buy two or three kits. Use one to see how it works and do a full run with it. The other two you take with you on the day of, prepped and ready to use at the facility. I say take two kits because if you don't and they take a double sample you'll be short.

    What to do day of test.
    Assemble the kit and make a hidden pouch to store the kit in. Then just before you leave you'll preheat the plastic container holding the synthetic urine 5 seconds at a time in the microwave until the temp strip reads 105*F or as close to it as you can. Now activate the hand warmer pack and tape or rubber band it to the side of the plastic contain to keep it warm. It will keep it at perfect temp or a little above for about 2 and a half hours or so.

    When you get to the facility and you're ready to test, go into the bathroom and be quiet. Pull the plastic container out and check the temp. The temp to pass is 91*F to 99*F. Lower or higher is an automatic fail. So check it. If it's to high leave the cap off for a minute or two until it cools to the proper temp. Watch closely it can happen fast.

    Once temp is good, dump the synthetic urine into the sample cup provided and close it up. Now quickly put your kit away and leave nothing in the bathroom or trash. BE SURE TO PEE IN THE TOILET!

    Grats, you passed your piss test!
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  12. Not anymore. That was a year ago. I've only smoked an eighth or maybe a little more a day the last 6 months
  13. To get into a nursing program you do

  14. Lmao hardly broke I could buy 7 grams a day if I wanted I just genuinely dont see the point just smoke a fat dab and you'll be flying all day or just make a potent edible..
  15. I have some from a dispensery in my fridge right now. Got them for graduation, only was able to take 2 before i found out I have to stop smoking/consuming THC for my test.
  16. I am really getting disappointed with the number of folks that either haven't read, or choose to ignore the forum guidelines and the intent behind their principles.

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  17. Are you training to be a nurse or something important? I managed to pass a security course and I was high everyday I went for training and when I did the physical lol
  18. I'm accepted into college for nursing. The hospital they are partnered with is going to set up an appointment with me at the beginning of the year and thats when I'll be drug tested. Classes begin august 28th and i believe the drug test will be a week or so probably after that. I only get drug tested once in order to stay in the program as long as I raise no suspicion throughout the year. If I fail the initial drug test then I won't be able to continue with my desired career. That's why this is so important to me to get actual helpful feedback because I don't want to ruin my future over some blunts.
  19. u so smol.

    I think it depends on the kind of test they do.
    You may be fucked, you may not be. Im getting tested soon for the end of my Medical Assisting program, and I've prepared 2 months in advance for it.
  20. It'll be a piss test. I'm trying to be prepared a month before it

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