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Drug test for marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xromeox, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Hello i'm wondering if I smoke on 4 20 and stop smoking right after that, would marijuana still be in my system until may 3rd? I usually smoke everyday and im currently on formal probation. Is there any way to pass my test with 2 weeks left?
  2. maybe, takes what, 1-3 weeks? just dont smoke at all and drink a good amount of water each day and you oughta be fine

    [edit] welcome to the city
  3. Depending on what your THC level is now, which is probly off the charts like mine, you should be alrite. Smoke 420, then quit and DRINK DRINK DRINK the next two weeks. You should be alright
  4. How many times have you smoked in the last month?
  5. Theres no way for shure to say if itll be clean in time but the most effective things to get weed out ur system would be drinking tons of cranberry juice,,,work out alot(Make sure you sweat),and also u could go to a steam or room or a sauna ull sweat that shit out in no time..
  6. I don't think drinking alot of water weeks in advance will help as THC is not water soluble. You will get the same results by drinking alot of water (but not too much) 48 hours or so before the test to dilute your urine below the cutoff. Try eating alot too to kick start your metabolism and burn off some of the fat cells that the THC is stored in. Good luck mannn.

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