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Drug Test Detox

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HumCoToker, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Ok, so I've read a bunch. I've searched the forum as well. I know the recommendations, but I have a few specific questions.

    First, does anyone know the hiring/drug test process they use at Walgreens?

    Second, has anyone used the "Gels" detox drink made by Body Clean?

    I bought two of those drinks from my local headshop. They told me they have sold a ton of them and haven't had any complaints. I just want to know if anyone has used this product before.

    I also bought Strip NC Extra Strength detox drink too. Anyone used this product?
  2. bumpBUMPbump
  3. If your going to a lab they will test for the detox drink. It all depends on the type of test.
  4. Ok thanks. I don't know if they will send me somewhere else to do the test or not. I'm just trying to figure out if I should drink the detox thing tomorrow when I go in for an interview, or if I do a drug test a different day. I just don't wanna have to buy another drink. Haha, expensive.
  5. Sorry dude I didnt get back sooner. They will do the drug test the same day you interview. I would drink it for a 5 dot but not a gs/mc
  6. Honestly i would just quit for a while, test your self, then do it. Since its for a job you can wait. But i think you can do better than walgreens bro =D apply yourself.
  7. Read the directions on the detox 'kit'.

    I would think they would just use a drug test like most businesses/courts. I would be suprised if they sent it to a lab.

    If I were you, I'd buy a home drug test (heh you could even buy one at walgreens) before getting drug tested to make sure the detox thing is working.

    I used a detox that just had me eat a chewable pill, wait 15 minutes, drink some water than the detox drink. Came with a drug test, tested and I passed. Passed the other drug test as well.
  8. Ok thanks man. Do you happen to remember the name of the detox kit you used?

    UPDATE: So I never actually had to drug test because they never offered me a job. Bitches.:p But I drank one of the Gels brand drink and did a home test just for shits and giggles. It came with 4 pills and an empty water bottle. Directions say take 2 pills, drink a bottle of water. 15 mins later, take remaining 2 pills and drink another bottle of water. I did this, however I waited 20 mins due to class, to take the 2nd 2 pills. I didn't pass the home test.

    But Papa Murphys FTW.:hello: And they don't give a fuck. Haha. My manager told me what I did outside of work wasn't her business.

    Thanks for the feed back guys.

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